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Flemming and Inna  from Denmark

Flemming and Inna, from Denmark. Looking for help from 3 Feb, 2020

They say: to help with our son Mikkel ho is 1,5 and be a part of our famely
The families interests include: We like to spend time home / Outdoor in our garden

Liv  and Jesper   from Denmark

Liv and Jesper , from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: Open minded family are looking for a sweet and open minded au pair - to a family with 3 nice kids
The families interests include: We like to walk, go by bike, play games ( not IPad) swimm and read books for the kids. Go for a walk in the Forrest:0)

Claudia and   from Denmark

Claudia, from Denmark. Looking for help from 20 Jun, 2020

They say: Looking for an au pair who is already living in an european country
The families interests include: Culture

Laura and Kostas  from Denmark

Laura and Kostas, from Denmark. Looking for help from 5 Aug, 2019

They say: A family living in Denmark, Viborg, is looking for a trustworthy & helpful au pair!
The families interests include: We are a friendly family of four, who is busy, active, like gardening, sports, travelling

Henrik and Henrik  from Denmark

Henrik and Henrik, from Denmark. Looking for help from 9 Oct, 2019

They say: We are a family living in the countryside in a large house near the sea.
The families interests include: Out door activity , traveling ,swimming

Christine and Erik  from Denmark

Christine and Erik, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2019

They say: A trustworthy au pair needed for a lovely, nice and hardworking family of four (two parents and two girls aged 11 and 13) in Denmark. We live in Copenhagen next to the beach, station and city center and also closed to families with au pairs. We are looking for the right person who will stay with us for 24 months. Looking forward to hearing from you.
The families interests include: Swimming, reading, watching movies

Lena and   from Denmark

Lena, from Denmark. Looking for help from 6 Oct, 2019

They say: G
The families interests include: H

Christian and Sara, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2017

They say: Au pair needed to help with household. We have 2 children and 2 cats.
The families interests include: We sometimes play board games or computer games as a social activity. We also enjoy wathing movies at home or in the cinema. During the summertime we often go visit amusement parks, the zoo or similar. We like to travel and see new places. We like reading and being open and informed about the world. Sports activities are limited, but some of our family members enjoy it to keep active.

Prisca and Thomas, from Denmark. Looking for help from 15 Aug, 2019

They say: Dear Au Pair, We are a family of four and moved to the Denmark in August 2018. We had a Nanny in Austria and several AuPairs since we moved abroad. We are looking for a new friend. We live Taarbaek Klampenborg in the outskirts of Copenhagen. We have excellent public traffic connections to the City and bikelanes and bycicles. Our house is directly on the shore with our own access to the ocean. The S-train station is 5 minutes and the biggest park area, Deerhaven as well. Our family consist of our two boys, 12 and 10 years old, my husband and myself. It is pretty busy in our household with 2 boys; they are happy, like to have fun, and especially love to go outside. They both love sports, music, drawing, painting, bicycle rides, art projects, etc. The boys love the water and skiing and about any outdoor sports. We also like to take them to the playground, parks, and children's museums. This usually happens during the weekend. During the week both attend school from 08:30 to appr.
The families interests include: As described we live in a wonderful part of outer Copenhagen directly on the shore, we love outdoors, inviting friends and hanging out together The everyday life with our children looks like: 07:00am wakeup, breakfast, biking, public train or car to school. 08:00am to 2:30pm errands, light housework (not daily) 2:30 to 5:00pm - different pickup times according to after school activities 05:00pm to 08:00pm dinner prep (incl. lunch for next day) looking after boys learning weekends usually free,

Stig, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Feb, 2018

They say: Hi.. Im a single father, I have a girl 12 y.o , I had big problems with my heart so Im mostly looking for a girl for serious relationsship and marriage so Im looking for a nice girl I should be honest and tell that I hope that Ill find the right girl/woman and that we could develope a relationsship and possible marriage..So I hope to hear from the right one..
The families interests include: four five ,two six, six six,seven four seven five. or find ung i huset, its free of charge sky pe stigeloandersen

Jesper and Mai, from Denmark. Looking for help from 15 Aug, 2015

They say: Happy and easy going family living in city of Copenhagen looking for au pair (living in Europe already).
The families interests include: Yoga, Music, Dancing, Cooking

Jesper and Nina, from Denmark. Looking for help from 26 Jan, 2012

They say: Hi my name is Jesper Stampe Mikkelsen and my wife's name is Nina Tjerrild. We're a happy family seeking an au pair. au-pair should be able to cook healthy food and you must like to keep the house clean. we expect that our new au pair wants to be a member of our family and we will treat you very well.
The families interests include: Our interests: travel, food, sailing, kids, weekend trips, gardening, nature, beach and many other things.

Maya and Rasmus, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2019

They say: We are a family of five in need of a nanny/Au pair. We speak Swahili and danish with our children so you have to know one of those languages. I'm half from Tanzania and my husband is danish. We need help with cleaning the house once a week and otherwise take the kids to kindergarten/school and take them home in the afternoon. If you can cook this would really be appreciated otherwise I'm a good cook. The children are nice and well behaved. You'll get your own big room and bathroom with privacy but we hope that you'll want to be a part of our family. We'll definitely do what we can to make you feel welcome and as a family we all help with the housework and taking care of the children. We support and encourage you to take classes in school so you'll get educated while staying with us. We live in Holte, a city 20 min outside of the main capital Copenhagen.
The families interests include: We like to take walks in the forest, and go out the whole family in the weekend to experience whatever is going on. The kids go to dancing school every Saturday and otherwise we like to relax. Two of our kids still take a nap in the afternoon.

Thomas, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2017

They say: Father with three wonderful children need au pair :-)
The families interests include: We like to swim, sail, walk in the nature and sometimes go houseback riding, but mainly we like to have fun

Monika and Andrzej  from Denmark

Monika and Andrzej, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2018

They say: Nanny needed for a polish family living in Denmark in Copenhagen area. We have 2 kids, girl - 7 year old, and boy 1 year old. We need a Nanny that will stay in our house and enjoy taking care of our son. Our daughter speaks fluent polish and danish. She is going to school. We live in a big house with a big garden in greater Copenhagen area.
The families interests include: Walks, swimming, being out in a garden.

Henrik  and Ana  from Denmark

Henrik and Ana, from Denmark. Looking for help from 2 Aug, 2018

They say: We are a family of 4 soon to Be 5 looking for a nice and easy going aupair to help us our family!
The families interests include: Traveling, surfing, football, swimming,

Justina and Haluk  from Denmark

Justina and Haluk, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2018

They say: Aupair needed for 2 boys. Looking for creative, happy and flexible person with high sense of responsibility
The families interests include: Playing in the yard, painting, going to playgrounds, volleyball, cycling amdany more

Matilde  and   from Denmark

Matilde , from Denmark. Looking for help from 4 Jun, 2018

They say: Looking for an au pair to help out on the daily tasks :-)
The families interests include: Will fill out later

Dennis and   from Denmark

Dennis, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 May, 2010

They say: Au pair needed. We offer a good variety of experiences.
The families interests include: football

A and   from Denmark

A, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Dec, 2017

They say: 123
The families interests include: 123

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