New Au Pair Limited (trading as needs to address certain important issues about how we run this web site and what we require from you in registering with us and becoming a Member. By registering with the web site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
Information provided by Members
2. We work hard to provide a database of information of the highest quality to enable the successful matching of Families and Au Pairs or Nannies. However, we are an information service only. Registration and use of any of our services does not create a relationship of agent, employer or employee between Members and New Au Pair Limited. Further, all matters which occur between Members, or between Members and other contacts made deriving directly or indirectly from information provided by this web site, are strictly outside the control or responsibility of New Au Pair Limited and New Au Pair Limited has no liability therefor.
3. We have no control over the information posted by Members and we do not, nor are in a position, to monitor this information. We have no liability or responsibility for the inaccuracy or other unsuitability of information provided to us by Members. Members must only provide information in their Profiles which conforms to the guidelines set out in the Registration Form. Specifically no form of contact information is allowed to be entered other than in Steps 01 and 02 of the Registration process, namely Contact Details.
Our commitment to quality
4. This is a family-friendly web site and, where it is brought to our attention that content provided is in any way illegal, offensive, obscene, contravenes these Terms and Conditions, or is otherwise unsuitable, we will act immediately to remove it.
5. We shall be entitled to cancel and delete the membership of any registrant of the web site in our sole discretion. There will be no refunds.
Third party Information
6. Consistent with our aim of providing as high quality and as information-rich a service as possible, we provide links to third party web sites or contact details for other entities providing information, in order to assist users of our web site make informed decisions. For example we provide links to government sites giving information about visa requirements. Again we have no control over and accept no responsibility for any such links or information resources, nor do we warrant that any links work or are up to date. New Au Pair Limited accepts no liability for any information gained from such links, or actions you take as a result.
7. Naturally we collect and present personal information on families, nannies and au pairs as part of our service to our Members. Members consent to the storage and processing of personal data for the purpose of this site.
8. We confirm:-
  • We only use information about our Members for the purposes of this site.
  • We do not sell or provide Members’ information to any other commercial organisation for other uses.
  • Members of the team are Family Members of this site, and are as concerned as you are to protect Members’ privacy.
  • Only registered Members of the web site can see personal information. It is not available to unregistered visitors.
  • Family Members can see personal information about au pairs and nannies, but cannot see personal information about other families.
  • Premium Family Members can see contact information about au pairs and nannies.
  • Au pair and nanny Members can see all information about families, except their contact information.
10. We also collect information about the way our Members and visitors use this site in order to improve our service to our Members. We do not use information so gained in a way that an individual can be identified and only use it to determine aggregate trends, most popular pages, etc, for all the site’s users.
11. We require that Members respect the confidentiality of the data provided, do not share it with any third parties, and make no use of it other than in connection with the purposes of the web site– and in particular, but without limitation, do not use it for commercial purposes. Members agree not to share, copy or transmit to a third party any personal data about any individual, irrespective of where they are located, unless they have obtained the consent of that individual to such transfer.
12. Agencies, other au pair and nanny websites, and any other organisations associated with the provision of au pair and/or nanny services, and any other persons or organisations wishing to use this site for commercial purposes, are specifically not authorised to register on, except with the prior written authorisation of who can be contacted for this purpose by following this link. If any such person or organisation so registers without prior authorisation and agreement of contract, they will be deemed to have accepted an immediate fee of $1,000 in compensation to, such fee to become payable on date of their registration. Further, in such an event, their profile will be deleted immediately and if they have paid to become Premium Members they will not be entitled to refund of any monies paid.
13. Members are solely responsible for gathering official information about and complying with the applicable provisions of the law of their country of domicile, particularly with regards to work permits, visas and terms of au pair employment. Any and all information provided about these matters on is only intended as general guidance, and may not be considered official information. New Au Pair Limited is not responsible for informing Members of applicable regulations and will not be held liable for any fines or damages incurred by Members due to non-compliance.
14. These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales.

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