Maya and Rasmus
1st Parent: Maya (female)
2nd Parent: Rasmus (female)

Location: Holte, Denmark
Membership No: 361151

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Maya and Rasmus
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Maya and Rasmus, from Denmark. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2019

We are a family of five in need of a nanny/Au pair. We speak Swahili and danish with our children so you have to know one of those languages. I'm half from Tanzania and my husband is danish.
We need help with cleaning the house once a week and otherwise take the kids to kindergarten/school and take them home in the afternoon. If you can cook this would really be appreciated otherwise I'm a good cook. The children are nice and well behaved. You'll get your own big room and bathroom with privacy but we hope that you'll want to be a part of our family. We'll definitely do what we can to make you feel welcome and as a family we all help with the housework and taking care of the children. We support and encourage you to take classes in school so you'll get educated while staying with us. We live in Holte, a city 20 min outside of the main capital Copenhagen.

My husband Rasmus works in an insurance company and often until late at night. I work for a consultancy company and go early in the morning so I can come home in the afternoon to spend time with the kids.
We are looking for someone who likes to spend time with kids, to play and goofy around. But who also know how to tidy, clean and maybe cook. If you have been helping your mom out since you were young then you'll know :) Otherwise just a happy and cheerful person

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