Laura and Kostas
1st Parent: Laura (female)
2nd Parent: Kostas (male)

Location: Viborg, Denmark
Membership No: 361754

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Laura and Kostas, from Denmark. Looking for help from 5 Aug, 2019

A family living in Denmark, Viborg, is looking for a trustworthy & helpful au pair!
We are a family from Lithuania who have been living in Denmark for many years. Both parent work in the corporations and have extensive travel activity. We have two active and smart children (a girl of 10 of a son of 7), who go to the international school (study in English). We need help with preparing children in the morning, getting them to school and from school, we also need help with housework and cooking (dinners only) during the weekdays. We are a very caring family, we are happy to share our home and life with a positive, flexible, responsible au pair!

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