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Evelyne, from Greece. Looking for help from 6 Apr, 2020

They say: I am a solo french mum from Paris, travelling with my son of 3 yo and a half to Creete (Greece) we will land in Heraklion monday april 6th 2020 and stay for 1 week in a nice hotel. I am currently searching for a native young nanny, with a driving licence, to help me everyday a couple of hours with my child, and one or 2 nights so I can breathe and have a little time off. we are going to stay in HERSONISSOS Creete. the person I am looking for must speak english (french would be awsome of course.) schedule of the week would be flexible, minimum a couple hrs a day. I will pay 150e for the week 6-13th april 2020, it is not a full time job and it is flexible. a driving licence is much needed as we would need a lift from the airport. My son is a great kid, sociable and a pretty boy. very curious and joyfull. I am a young 35 yo woman very kind and I need a reliable sweet young person. thank you very much. best regards
The families interests include: swimming pool, little walks, playgrounds, nature, beach, activities with a 3 yo boy, books, animals.....

Athena and   from Greece

Athena, from Greece. Looking for help from 15 Jan, 2020

They say: Hello my dear, I am a single mum of twin boys. I need someone kind, reliable, polite to take care of them while I am not at home.
The families interests include: We like spending time outdoors, traveling, going to the beach.

Nefeli and Miltos  from Greece

Nefeli and Miltos, from Greece. Looking for help from 1 Feb, 2020

They say: My name is Nefeli and I have a minor of 6 months old. I mainly need help with the baby and the house.
The families interests include: Yoga, swimming, horseback riding

Inna and Nicolas, from Greece. Looking for help from 11 Nov, 2019

They say: Adventurous, on the go family looking for a perfect match to join in with the family life from around November 2019.
The families interests include: We spend our time divided between Greece in the summer, where we live on a boat for 6 months, cruising the Greek islands and travelling the rest of the time - in Europe to see our respective families (France, UK and Austria), as well as chasing some winter sun, be in Hawaii, Asia or Africa. We both work online from home, so we are always around. We are both very active, kitesurfing, diving, skiing etc, and spend a lot of time around water, so someone with active interest in sports/swimming would

Katerina and   from Greece

Katerina, from Greece. Looking for help from 20 Nov, 2019

They say: British/Australian Nanny/au pair needed 3 afternoons/week and 2/evenings to take care of a 3 year old beautiful boy and creatively play with him
The families interests include: BE outdoors, listen to music, be creative

Casey and Leo  from Greece

Casey and Leo, from Greece. Looking for help from 10 Jan, 2020

They say: Experienced nanny needed in Athens, Greece for caring family with 2 children & 3 dogs. We are a healthy, active family who travels a lot. Native greek speaking + good English speaking essential.
The families interests include: Travelling, exercise, hiking, good food, time spent on our boat.

Jenny and   from Greece

Jenny, from Greece. Looking for help from 12 Aug, 2019

They say: Looking aupair for Athens north suburbs
The families interests include: Swimming going amusement parks trips

Dafni and Paris  from Greece

Dafni and Paris, from Greece. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2019

They say: Au pair needed to talk to our children in Spanish and drive them around. Also if she knows how to cook its a plus!
The families interests include: may sport activities - horse riding, karate, skiing, scuba diving, gymnastics, kite surfing Music: guitar

Eugenia and   from Greece

Eugenia, from Greece. Looking for help from 29 Aug, 2019

They say: Hello looking for a nice person to spend time have fun with our 13 month old boy we live in a lovely and green suburb of athens
The families interests include: We spend time near the sea and love bicycles

Konstantina and Periklis  from Greece

Konstantina and Periklis, from Greece. Looking for help from 20 Jul, 2019

They say: two non complicated trilingual girls to entertain house with pool and garden
The families interests include: host people kids need to be entairtained

Anastassia  and   from Greece

Anastassia , from Greece. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2019

They say: Au pair need by a family with 2 children in Athens, Greece
The families interests include: Swimming, football etc.

Dimitris and Nikoleta, from Greece. Looking for help from 5 May, 2019

They say: We are looking for a native English speaker to spend creative and educational time with our 2 girls after school (May-June) so that they can have a good time, while learning English. Therefore, most of the mornings (Mon-Fri) will be free for you to explore Athens or enjoy the sea and sun.
The families interests include: In the weekends we love spending time with friends and family.

Marika  and   from Greece

Marika , from Greece. Looking for help from 2 May, 2019

They say: Au pair needed for a family of 3 and a cat to join our daily adventures!
The families interests include: Spend time outdoors, bake and play music.

Marzia and Damiano  from Greece

Marzia and Damiano, from Greece. Looking for help from 15 Apr, 2019

They say: Au pair needed by an italian family living in Greece.
The families interests include: .

Zafeiroula and Lefteris  from Greece

Zafeiroula and Lefteris, from Greece. Looking for help from 6 Feb, 2019

They say: Hello, we live in Athens and currently we have 1 little girl 3,5 years old which goes to school. In 2 months our family will expand as our baby girl will be born. We are looking for a nanny (livin) to stay with us many years. For more information please contact us. Thank you!!!
The families interests include: Lovely family that enjoys every moment.

Victoria and Thorsten, from Greece. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2019

They say: nanny for a small family of 2 adults and one 3 years old girl, greek/German in south Athens by the sea. private room with bathroom is provided.
The families interests include: house with garden, traveling, swimming, easy going-quite life.

Katerina and   from Greece

Katerina, from Greece. Looking for help from 25 Jan, 2019

They say: We are an energetic Greek family looking for an enthusiastic and happy French au pair to look after our 3 boys, 7 years, 5 years and 7 months old. We also have a dog, a little Yorkshire terrier called Coco. We live in a quiet, green suburb of Athens called Ekali. It is close to the upmarket shopping area of Kifissia but does not have great transport links, so you will need to be able to drive. As both parents work in the UK (mum remotely from home), there will also be travel back to London with the whole family every couple of months. Our two older boys go to school everyday between 8.30am-3.30pm and the little one will start a few hours of nursery in the morning from September. We would ideally like you to work about 35 hours a week, between 2-8pm on weekdays, and a few hours of babysitting one evening a week. You will have all other evenings and weekends free. Very rarely, you might be required to have sole care of the children in the night if both parents are travelling for wor
The families interests include: We love being outdoor - playing tennis, football, rollerblading, going to the beach.

Kostas and Chrysa, from Greece. Looking for help from 15 Sep, 2018

They say: Hi, we are a greek family with 3 boys, living in a small quite city by the sea aprox 40km from Athens. We both work, and we want a swedish girl to take care of the kids in the afternoon. Mother has a greek-swedish nationality, and we would like our kids to learn swedish.
The families interests include: swimming, cycling, playing basketball / rackets / tennis / table tennis, windsurfing, scating. Play with our dog. Watching movies. Going for walks. Sand castles at the beach.

ATHINA and GIORGOS  from Greece

ATHINA and GIORGOS, from Greece. Looking for help from 31 Aug, 2018

They say: Nanny needed by a happy and traveller family with one child called Maximos, to help us with childcare as soon he has more oppurtunities to learn another language and we can all enjoy life and take more pleasure on winemaking and cooking. We run a little restaurant next to our home very well reputed and travel to many appellations -regions for winemaking consultansy issues.
The families interests include: Travelling, going to parks for football and music, reading

Charlotte and   from Greece

Charlotte, from Greece. Looking for help from 20 Apr, 2018

They say: Looking for a nanny/ aupair to spend the summer with us. We will welcome you in to our family and hope that you will have a great time here in our home.
The families interests include: In the summer we are outside a lot. We all love swimming and being active. There are lots to see and do here, our village is small but welcoming and very friendly.

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