Dimitris and Nikoleta
1st Parent: Dimitris (male)
2nd Parent: Nikoleta (female)

Location: Chalandri, Greece
Membership No: 361822

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Dimitris and Nikoleta
Dimitris and Nikoleta
Dimitris and Nikoleta
Dimitris and Nikoleta
Dimitris and Nikoleta

Dimitris and Nikoleta, from Greece. Looking for help from 5 May, 2019

We are looking for a native English speaker to spend creative and educational time with our 2 girls after school (May-June) so that they can have a good time, while learning English. Therefore, most of the mornings (Mon-Fri) will be free for you to explore Athens or enjoy the sea and sun.
We are a traditional Greek family with 2 daughters (age 7 and 5), one is a small lady one is a small terminator (guess who is who).

Soon we will move to a new country, therefore we would be happy to have an original experience with the English language before leaving (father in June, mother+girls in August).

We live in a quiet neighborhood, 30' from the center of Athens, 10' walk from the metro station.

Mon-Fri, we drive our little girls to school at 07:30, go to work and come back home at 16:30 after picking up the girls from school.

In July, we will move to the summer house, to spend 3 weeks by the sea. During this time we will all together be in the holidays mood and schedule.

All in all, it will be 2 months in the city and 3 weeks by the Greek sea.

No housework required, apart from your room, of course (for privacy reasons). If you wish, we would love to experience the tastes of your country, if you could cook for the family once a week.

We are looking for a person with experience in creative games and ideally in teaching English to small children. It would be perfect if she/he had books to read to the kids in the afternoon or before going to bed. We will do our best to make you feel part of our family.

We provide a separate room in our house (for May-June), while in the holiday house, due to space restrictions, you might need to share the room with the little girls (separate bed for you, of course).

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