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Asia, from Egypt. Looking for help from 3 Nov, 2018

They say: We look forward to welcoming a responsible Au pair in our simple home in the middle of Cairo in Egypt. We are a family of two; a single mum and her 12 years old son.
The families interests include: The child you are going to be looking after likes to play football and watch videos. As a family, we go out on a regular basis. Sometimes we celebrate parties (Birthdays and Holidays) and invite family and friends to share traditional Egyptian food and laughter.

Burhan, from Egypt. Looking for help from 8 May, 2018

They say: We're an EMOTIONAL and simple nice family, we love outing and having fun all the time. Dancing Singing playing. I'm a Banker who recently got divorced and the kids are living with me. Habiba- 11 years Hla- 7 years Hamza- 2 years They are Adorable but sometimes Very Noisy. The Girls adore fashion and make up & the boy is addicted to Football âš½ We live in the Center of the Capital (Cairo) very close to the Egyptian Museum. During the school days, I drive the kids to school everyday by 7 am and I bring them in my way back home. They do their homework and study, then maybe go out a little bit by night. During the summer vacation, there are No Schedule. We might travel near to the sea for a couple of days. During the School, You will be available all day till the kids come from school. You will be responsible to bring them from school (I will call a taxi to take and bring you back). During the summer, we will manage. Bottom line, this is not a JOB with Working Hours, Weekend an
The families interests include: Football, Swimming, dancing, singing

Nahed and Amr, from Egypt. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2018

They say: Hi we are fun artistic family that love to learn and travel alot. Would love to welcome a new family member who would improve our French and who would have fun together
The families interests include: Kids play piano.and love to paint. We read alot and travel alot. We sail. We love going o the beach and we like to see our family and friends alot

Heba, from Egypt. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2018

They say: Hello I'm a single mother who's searching for some help at home and with kids.... Details available when we further communication. But most importantly I'm searching for someone to be part of my family not just a guest or au pair
The families interests include: Swimming ... Kung Fu ... painting

Manhal and Manhal, from Egypt. Looking for help from 8 Jun, 2018

They say: home You will have your own private room and you can use all house facilities including telephone and wifi and tv and toilets and garden and shower and bath and kitchen where you can cook anytjing you like and even advise us to bring things home to the fridge We shall be able to give enough time on weekends yo enjoy your social life and we can even support you for transport for london where you can enjoy the life you are looking for We only need you to be a responsable and kind heart to look after our only daughter who is very freindly and accomodating and happy and she is really never hard work
The families interests include: Swimming cycling partied

Mohamed and Marwa, from Egypt. Looking for help from 27 Feb, 2018

They say: I'm Mohammed from egypt and my wife called marwa , we have cute daughter,she called farida (she is 6years) ,and 2 boys called Mustafa and Seliam (he has 2 ,4 years old) i'm engineer and my wife does not work , we are small family, And spend our time in reading, travel, cooking, walking, shopping, watching movies , we need girl join our family to be a big sister of my kids.
The families interests include: we spend our time in reading, travel, cooking, walking, shopping, watching movies ,playing.

Amr, from Egypt. Looking for help from 14 Aug, 2017

They say: Au pair needed by a family with one children to helpus in cleaning and laundry
The families interests include: Swimming , football hanging out

Dina and Magdi, from Egypt. Looking for help from 30 Jul, 2017

They say: Nanny or aupair needed to help with three kids in cairo, egypt
The families interests include: Crafts, music, sports

Heba, from Egypt. Looking for help from 28 Sep, 2017

They say: cc
The families interests include: 3 very active boys that love swimming, football, travelling

Bouthaina and Haytham, from Egypt. Looking for help from 23 Apr, 2017

They say: we are a working mother and father who own ur business with 4 girls. the oldest is 10 years old, the second is 8 years old, the third is 5 years old and the youngest is 4 years old. All our girls go to german schools and we would love to have someone that would speak to the kids in German all the time.
The families interests include: If you are interested to work with a nice and kind family and see a nice and safe country with wonderful historical places please contact us. We would be happy if you would work with us. Regards Al Agizi family

Ayman, from Egypt. Looking for help from 15 May, 2017

They say: Working Holiday in Egypt - Au pair Looking for talented female Native bilingual English & French ( Japanese will be an asset ) to live with, train, guide and teach 2 girls ( my nieces ) 12 &13 yrs languages, sports, arts and gardening for 4 months ( 15/5/2017 - 15/9/2017 ) in Tanta, Egypt. - Expected to work 20 hours per week. - Full Board Residence ( private furnished room with meals but not allowed to recieve guests without permission ) & pocket money. - A chance to discover Egypt, liv
The families interests include: Swimming, painting & playing music.

Abd el raheem and Wafaa, from Egypt. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2017

They say: au pair needed by a fun family with 2 children to help them to practice the language for german school by story telling and puzzle games ...etc
The families interests include: swimming going to club reading books

Mohamed and Nora, from Egypt. Looking for help from 16 Feb, 2017

They say: Nanny/au pair for young Egyptian family . Located outside Cairo in exclusive development. Currently attending British fee paying school. Role is to be companion to children . No housework.
The families interests include: Active well traveled family. Sociable and linked to large family living in Egypt. Members of country club sports and golf.

Khaled and Ruby, from Egypt. Looking for help from 20 Feb, 2017

They say: looking for a live in nanny for a very nice family in egypt , careing for a 5 year old girl and light house work if you find your self fit for this oosition pkease contact me thanks
The families interests include: we are a fun family kids study parents work we enjoy holidays and weekends and summer vacation

Iman and Omar , from Egypt. Looking for help from 15 Jan, 2017

They say: Hello! we are a family with one child, 10 month old boy, We are looking for a kind and loving person to be part of our family and to assist us with our child and the everyday house life. We live in a very safe and quite residential area where you can walk around. We have gyms, supermarkets, and cafes near by. We are right beside the American School Campus and are able to use the school amenities .
The families interests include: We are a loving family of 3, (mom, dad, and baby) we love cooking, sports, and traveling

Sandy, from Egypt. Looking for help from 29 Jan, 2017

They say: An au pair who loves energetic and loving girls is who we are looking for. We are a warm family both my husband and i work and the girls go to school/nursery in the morning but finish by noon. The person we are looking for needs to love kids, be cheerful, warm, and knows how to play constructively and with passion with kids :)
The families interests include: We love traveling, swimming, doing arts and crafts, and being active

Reem and Ibrahim, from Egypt. Looking for help from 8 Nov, 2016

They say: We are a warm family of 3 with a baby on the way. Father: Ibrahim is an owner of a chain of apparel clothes. Mother: Reem runs her dad company specializing in security solutions Son Mahmoud is a 4 year old attending Kg in the German school in Cairo
The families interests include: we live on the east of Cairo in a lovely gated community we are both working parents. my wife will take some time off to take care of the baby. we like to do activities over the weekend and holidays.

Mohammed, from Egypt. Looking for help from 18 Oct, 2016

They say: Nanny/housekeeper needed by a french family with 4 kids to help us ! see you soon
The families interests include: Sports, cinema, museum, amusement park ...

John and Nancy, from Egypt. Looking for help from 18 Sep, 2016

They say: Welcome to your new family
The families interests include: Swimming and traveling

Iman, from Egypt. Looking for help from 6 Sep, 2016

They say: I need someone to take care of my daughter.She is 5 years old but is independent.She just need care by an adult.
The families interests include: she likes music.

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