Mohamed and Marwa
1st Parent: Mohamed (male)
2nd Parent: Marwa (female)

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Membership No: 353389

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Mohamed and Marwa
Mohamed and Marwa

Mohamed and Marwa, from Egypt. Looking for help from 27 Jun, 2019

I'm Mohammed from egypt and my wife called marwa , we have cute daughter,she called farida (she is 8years) ,and 2 boys called Mustafa and Seliam (he has 3,5
years old) i'm engineer and my wife does not work , we are small family, And spend our time in reading, travel, cooking, walking, shopping, watching movies , we need girl join our family to be a big sister of my kids.

we need a girl to be part of my family and help my wife to care my kids, Additionally the au pair is expected to have an educating role with the children, using fun activities and games to develop their language and other skills, we are interested more to improve our english language with the person who will live with us.and you can join study as a part time.
We are looking for an au pair who will be part of our family and are looking forward to sharing our interesting country with her :) We like to travel a lot so she will get to see all the beautiful coasts of Egypt and other Egyptian cities

Knowing I which you want to be a member of my family and live with us will Laufer have a good living and all of its clothes and stay and I can teach her Arabic language and cooking the East, and can increase the salary after the period.
This offer will be good for someone who likes to get a new family to live with it and enjoy in Egypt and not for the money.


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