1st Parent: Asia (female)

Location: Cairo, Egypt
Membership No: 361173

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Asia, from Egypt. Looking for help from 3 Nov, 2018

We look forward to welcoming a responsible Au pair in our simple home in the middle of Cairo in Egypt. We are a family of two; a single mum and her 12 years old son.
Dear Au pair,

We are a small family of two people. As I am frequently busy, I will be needing some help with looking after my 12 years old son. He is very independent and loves to take responsibilities, yet he requires support with homework, someone to take him to school, remind him to brush his teeth and in general bring some stability and system into his life. He is an amazing boy, very talkative and joyful. He gets good grades in school, but as we are planning to move him to a primarily English school next year, we are looking for someone who can practice English with him. It is essential that you speak a good level of English and can help him with school work. Neither of us speaks good English, but I am sure we will get along just fine. My son has an older sister who lives in England and she will be in contact with you at least once a week to check on how you are doing. She will be the one introducing you to us and making sure you have all paperwork and all questions answered. We will love for you to have a good time and experience out of this opportunity and look forward to welcoming you in our simple home.

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