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Danielle and Federico  from Belgium

Danielle and Federico, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2020

They say: We are looking for a full-time nanny/housekeeper with experience in childcare and enthusiasm for development play and activities for a 19month old boy. Starting between March and May 2020 and end date is open. We are a calm and happy household and need help with everything from childcare in the day, occasional evening babysitting, cooking and serving meals, cleaning and keeping the house tidy and shopping and errands. We are somewhat flexible with some week days offering a choice of morning or afternoon work and have occasional travel to a holiday home in the sun where we also need support during holidays. Childcare experience is required, childcare education preferred. references required. Must speak English. Please contact me to discuss more details.
The families interests include: Bike riding, outdoor activities, baking, swimming, reading, art and crafts, visiting new places, enjoying food.

VERONIQUE and BRICE  from Belgium

VERONIQUE and BRICE, from Belgium. Looking for help from 22 May, 2017

They say: We are a French family living in Belgium. 9-year-old Ethan and 7-year-old Chad are two little boys sports and full of energy.We live in a house with swimming pool warmed in sector quiet but close to a medium-sized city. My husband and I even let us work all week long in the field of the esthetics.We wish to welcome a girl or a boy to take care of boys during the holidays: lie-in, sports activities, studies...
The families interests include: We like that the children or has the outside in good weather, walk, play in the garden, the bike or other one. The weekend we like leaving to the sea or making barbecue between friends.

Jan and Kessarin, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

They say: Belgian/Thai couple with boy aged 13, a girl of 9 and a girl of 3 and half.
The families interests include: Traveling, skiing, etc.

Philippe and Krista  from Belgium

Philippe and Krista, from Belgium. Looking for help from 2 Oct, 2019

They say: Hello, we'd love to have an au pair that can become part of our family and support us with our family and household activities
The families interests include: Walk, have fun, sport, read, ...

Dirk and No secand  from Belgium

Dirk and No secand, from Belgium. Looking for help from 11 Sep, 2019

They say: Hello , i'm daddy from 54 and live whit mine kids 15/17/23/25 and grand child 2 years
The families interests include: Whe like swimming, playpark , market , shopping ,walking , movie , aething , weekends , vakation

Laura  and Flo  from Belgium

Laura and Flo, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2016

They say: Hello we are a family leaving in Brussels looking for a nice young german speaking au pair who has a driving licence and can play piano, to take care of our two little girls. They both go to school during the day and we both papa and maman work very long hours during the day .. so a help with homework, pianowork, picking droping them from school would be great !
The families interests include: sports and piano

Irene and Penio Penev  from Belgium

Irene and Penio Penev, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Oct, 2019

They say: Cheerful and interesting English-speaking and Russian-speaking Italian family living in Belgium looking for a passionate person eager to play with our kids
The families interests include: Cooking

Fani and Ali   from Belgium

Fani and Ali , from Belgium. Looking for help from 31 May, 2019

They say: Hello We are a family of three. Our daughter is 7 yrs old and living in Brussels Belgium. Our common language at home is English. We are looking a person To speak French to my daughter. for a long term employment.
The families interests include: Swimming, traveling

Matthias and Elke  from Belgium

Matthias and Elke, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2019

They say: Au pair Needed in Belgium Knokke. It a small city at the coast of Belgium. We are looking for somebody for our daughter of 16 month en our New girl that wil be Born on 25 july.
The families interests include: We like to Dinner, going out for Walks ek etc

Ravi and Yuk Lan  from Belgium

Ravi and Yuk Lan, from Belgium. Looking for help from 15 Feb, 2019

They say: Baby and 2 year old need a nanny who can be part of our family. We are a Chinese/British couple.
The families interests include: Eating, entertaining, holidays, walking, playing, cooking, travelling, Asian food.

D, from Belgium. Looking for help from 22 Dec, 2018

They say: Hello, Madam,The houskeeper i look for is a women who does the normal stuff at home. washing, vacuuming, mopping, cooking. I'am 36 years old and self-employed with my own company and because I do not have mutch time I'am looking for a housekeeper. You are free to do the domestic tasks when you want as well as when you want to go out.
The families interests include: Boating,restaurant, shopping, walks, etc...

Gokhan and   from Belgium

Gokhan, from Belgium. Looking for help from 18 Oct, 2018

They say: Hello, we are looking part time nanny for our 1 year old girl. If we happy eachother we want to continue long term contrat.
The families interests include: Parks, going out to discover some new place

Naya and Preben  from Belgium

Naya and Preben, from Belgium. Looking for help from 16 Nov, 2018

They say: Family with one baby of one year. Need assistance for the daily activities of the baby and help with house shores related to the baby.
The families interests include: work

Jeff and Christen  from Belgium

Jeff and Christen, from Belgium. Looking for help from 10 Oct, 2018

They say: Looking for an au pair that will help out and be a loving helping hand for our children while we are working.
The families interests include: Parks, travel, and new experiences

Bart and Karla  from Belgium

Bart and Karla, from Belgium. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2019

They say: Hi, we are a young couple of 33 & 34 aspecting our first baby beginning of april 2019. We work hard both als also have some hobbies. We have a nice house with a garden between Brussels & Leuven. We live just in front of a forest and you have a bus stop just 10 meters from our door. We would like someone who is motivated to help with the baby when we have to go back to work. Some small work in household would be appreciated. We have a really loverly and friendly dog. We have 3 bedrooms. You can live on top floor, which is only for you, so you have some private space. We want someone that speaks English or French (or Dutch). Kind regards. Karla & Bart.
The families interests include: Walking (with dog), having fun, moutnainbiking, soccer, running, ...

Ilkay and Serkan  from Belgium

Ilkay and Serkan, from Belgium. Looking for help from 5 Sep, 2018

They say: Nanny/au pair needed by a fun family with 1 child to help us for childcare
The families interests include: Going to amusement parks visit cities having fun together

Gledis and Bjorn  from Belgium

Gledis and Bjorn, from Belgium. Looking for help from 18 Jun, 2018

They say: Wij zijn een kleine familie in Nederland en zoeken vast een nanny.
The families interests include: Music

Dadej and Dony  from Belgium

Dadej and Dony, from Belgium. Looking for help from 28 Feb, 2018

They say: We are looking for a responsible person who wants to discover another country and being autonomous for his free time, we will participate a maximum in the discovery of our region and its specialties
The families interests include: mountain biking, swimming and family outings and too parks

Silvie and Tom  from Belgium

Silvie and Tom, from Belgium. Looking for help from 2 Sep, 2018

They say: au pair needed by a fun family with 3 children and 2 dogs
The families interests include: going for a walk, swimming

Lisa and   from Belgium

Lisa, from Belgium. Looking for help from 3 Feb, 2018

They say: family with 3 children who used to live in UK now looking for a fun au pair in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium
The families interests include: We are an active family who enjoy camping, swimming, hiking, music and arts and craft. We have a cat who mainly lives outside.

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