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Cristina is 24, from Ecuador, and she is available from 1 Jan, 2022

She says: Ich bin Cristina Revelo (24), ich komme aus Ecuador. Ich würde gerne, ein Teil Ihrer Familie zu sein. Im Jahr 2015 habe ich für einen Austausch in Dortmund gelebt (BVB fan!) und ich habe in einem Altenheim gearbeitet als Sozialerdienst ( nicht Krankenschwester ) . Ich kenne auch schon die Sprache (b1). Ich werde in Dezember 2021 einen Abschluss als Designerin machen. Deswegen, es wäre geil im 2022 anfangen. Ich hoffe Sie haben auch für mich interesse, melden Sie! Tschüss.
Her interests are: I have a lot of hobbies, first I am a very artistic person, I like to draw, paint and experiment with

Kimberly is 20, from Ecuador, and she is available from 28 May, 2021

She says: Bonjour ! My name is Kimberly. I have wanted to be an Au Pair since I was little I have always been surrounded by many children because my family is very large, and from that moment on I have enjoyed taking care of children and I like to be a help for the development of their skills. I would also like to be an Au Pair so that I can learn about other cultures and teach about my culture, besides that, I like to teach children, I feel that being with children is one of the best ways to learn, as th
Her interests are: Learning languages, Dancing, watch movies

Nicole Stefani is 25, from Ecuador, and she is available from 19 Apr, 2021

She says: Hi, I'm Nicole. I am 24 years and I have a lot of experience with children because I am an English teacher and a former school educator. I can also help in assisting and caring for someone with special needs. In my previous job I had children with special needs and I was instructed in their care, you can give me instructions to anything you need from me. I want to be an Au Pair because after living in quarantine I realized that I need more meaning in my life. I feel that staying in my country d
Her interests are: Singing, teaching and writing

Reny Nain is 19, from Ecuador, and he is available from 1 Aug, 2021

He says: I am a very focused, calm boy and always wanting to learn something new. Able to take opportunities when they present themselves. I am responsible, loving and respectful, sometimes I can seem introverted in new situations, but I adapt easily and quickly. Lover of animals, especially cats and dogs. I like to challenge myself to take risks that I know will help me in the future to strengthen my character and know how to act in difficult situations.
His interests are: In my free time I like to go for a walk to open places to clear my mind, I like to read at night and I am one of those who loves to watch movies on rainy days. I really like swimming and cycling, I also meet my friends to eat or just chat for hours.

Luis is 23, from Ecuador, and he is available from 10 Nov, 2021

He says: I´m Luis, I am ecuadorian, I like children and play with them. I like to respect people and like people respect me, i don´t scream, i am patient, and a proactive guy, i hope to help to anyone family and i would like to improve my english.
His interests are: Study english, my level is B1, I like to read books about several topics, i like to play football and talk to people.

Genesis is 30, from Ecuador, and she is available from 4 Feb, 2021

She says: Nanny / Au pair from Equator My name is Génesis, 29 years old, looking for a job with a nice family. Starting from february.
Her interests are: I like so much read. I like the art, all types I loved the animals and nature. I liked the children.

Samantha is 22, from Ecuador, and she is available from 1 Mar, 2021

She says: Au Pair de Ecuador, me llamo Samantha, tengo 21 años y busco a una familia amorosa y alegre para ser parte de ella.
Her interests are: Aprender idiomas, leer, escuchar música, cantar y hacer manualidades.

Yulaurys is 25, from Ecuador, and she is available from 15 Jan, 2021

She says: Hello family, I do not speak English very well, but I understand 70% my native language is Spanish, I would like to teach you everything I know, through my culture and language, I would like to be able to help you as an AuPair and also learn the language . Thank you very much.
Her interests are: Me describo como una persona simpática, alegre, cariñosa, amorosa, soñadora, ama de casa, trabajadora, espontanea, sincera, de buenos valores y principios, amigable, seria, a veces suelo ser callada, me gusta la lectura, la naturaleza, escribir, pasear, me gustan los animales. Estoy 100% calificada para el puesto, ya qué sólo me dedicaría a trabajar, no soy una persona con vicios ni con problemas, soy enfocada, inteligente, obediente y agradecida con las oportunidades que Dios me da, para poder

Gianny is 21, from Ecuador, and she is available from 17 Jun, 2021

She says: Hola familia anfitriona, es grato presentarme hacia ustedes estoy interesada en ser Au pair para obtener mayor experiencia y para mejorar mi situación económica, soy graduada de bachillerato con honores, y estaba cursando el 4 año de universidad en ingeniería pero por problemas económicos no pude avanza, por lo que busco nuevas oportunidades.
Her interests are: Me gustaría aprender inglés , me gusta la tecnología y soy repostera

Grace is 26, from Ecuador, and she is available from 20 Mar, 2021

She says: Soy una persona muy alegre y divertida Me encantan los niños y la cocina Estoy buscando ser Au Pair en España
Her interests are: Aprender de enfermería, algún tema de salud Me gusta aprender recetas de cocina Amo los animales

Michelle is 21, from Ecuador, and she is available from 30 Nov, 2020

She says: Hola soy carismática, sencilla, amable, atenta, honesta y sobre todo siempre soy muy servicial me gustaría mucho ser au pair
Her interests are: Leer, aprender, platicar, andar en bicicleta

SELVA is 26, from Ecuador, and she is available from 30 Nov, 2020

She says: Mi nombre es Selva tengo 24 años y soy de Ecuador . Me gustaría encontrar una familia agradable estaré disponible desde Noviembre , tengo experiencia en el cuidado de los niños
Her interests are: me gusta ir a museos y aprender cosas nuevas , me gusta escuchar música y los deportes como el basketball y el balonmano. me gusta salir a comer con mis amigos , me gustan las nuevas culturas .

Natalie is 24, from Ecuador, and she is available from 6 Jul, 2020

She says: I am experienced with teaching English and Biology and have lived and worked in many countries, I look forward to meeting and learning new culture
Her interests are: Art, Outdoor activities, beaches, forests, adventure

Ivania is 21, from Ecuador, and she is available from 1 Jan, 2021

She says: My name is Ivania, I'm very friendly, kind, polite, responsible and I really love to taking care of children
Her interests are: Learning languages, traveling, writing romantic stories

Romel is 38, from Ecuador, and he is available from 1 Aug, 2020

He says: Hello, I am a professional, I am very active, I like children, and I adapt to many activities
His interests are: Learning lenguages

Manuela is 22, from Ecuador, and she is available from 1 Mar, 2020

She says: Manuela, 20, want to be an au pair in the Czech Republic because my grandfather was from Brno and I want to learn all about his culture and languge.
Her interests are: Love having fun with children and take a good care of them. Like to sing, play the piano and the guitar.

Ivania is 21, from Ecuador, and she is available from 30 Oct, 2019

She says: Au Pair/ Nanny From Ecuador called Ivania, 19, looking for a job with a nice family, starting From 1 November.
Her interests are: I really love to write about romantic stories, dance and meet new people and places.

Elena is 28, from Ecuador, and she is available from 1 Sep, 2019

She says: Creative and warm Au pair venezuelan called Elena, 26, looking for a job whit a nice family! starting from 1 september
Her interests are: I am a young adult who likes activities at home as it is: reading, painting, drawing. Watch series and documentaries, board games like the monopoly haha ​​among other things, I also like the outdoors so I love to go for a walk on sunny days, the pool, swimming, going to the park, the forest, camping, etc. . The contact with nature from time to time is always a very good plan.

Selena is 25, from Ecuador, and she is available from 17 Mar, 2019

She says: AuPair de Ecuador me llamo Selena y tengo 23 años, en busca de una familia anfitriona con quien compartir mi cultura e idioma y también aprender la de ellos. desde Abril 2019 hasta Abril 2020
Her interests are: béisbol, nadar, fútbol y muchísimas cosas mas divertidas y de enseñanzas

Andrea is 20, from Ecuador, and she is available from 17 Aug, 2021

She says: Au pair de Ecuador llamada Andrea, 14, pero busco una familia para trabajar dentro de 2 o 3 años, es decir, para ese entonces tendré 16 o 17, una muy buena familia.
Her interests are: Voleyball, dibujo, pasear.

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