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Cris is 22, from Brazil, and she is available from 20 Feb, 2019

She says: Olá. Me chamo Crislaine mas pode me chamar de Cris!
Her interests are: Ler, passear, comer

Isolda is 42, from Brazil, and she is available from 16 Mar, 2019

She says: later
Her interests are: later( profile test)

Luisa is 20, from Brazil, and she is available from 13 Jul, 2019

She says: Nanny/au pair from Brazil called Luísa, 20, looking for a family to be part of for 1 month, starting from the middle of July
Her interests are: cycling, movies, music

Eliane is 26, from Brazil, and she is available from 25 May, 2019

She says: My name is Eliane, I'm twenty-six years old and I'm from Brazil. and it is with great pleasure that I write to you. taking care of your children and your home is a very important thing, so I'm here, so I can help you the best way. I am a very dedicated, caring, organized person. I'm sure I can help you the best way possible, I promise I will do my best to help what the family needs me.
Her interests are: Cycling, music, cinema, go to the park etc

Natália is 30, from Brazil, and she is available from 15 Jul, 2019

She says: My name is Natália. I' m 30 years old and I' m Brazilian. I speak both Portuguese and English . I love being and playing with kids. I also love doing criativo activities with children , taking them to the playground, etc. I'm cherish ,honest and loyal person. I can keep children entertained by playing with them, reading to them, doing fan
Her interests are: Swimming, cycling, cooking

Wendy mirlanda is 20, from Brazil, and she is available from 1 Dec, 2018

She says: Im Wendy,Au pair from Haiti, but im living in brazil, looking a job with a verry nice family. I speak creole,French,portuguese a little english and spanish.
Her interests are: I like singing, study and watch movies

Anne is 25, from Brazil, and she is available from 10 Apr, 2019

She says: Hello! This is Anne from Brazil, I'm 25 years old, almost graduating in Fashion Design and I'm looking for some new experiences and an funny and easy going family who wants to share a lot of good moments.
Her interests are: Music, books and roadtrips.

Leonardo is 23, from Brazil, and he is available from 9 Dec, 2018

He says: Au pair from Brazil, 23, looking for a nice family to be part of my life, starting now!
His interests are: Running, listen music and read.

Andreza is 27, from Brazil, and she is available from 9 Feb, 2019

She says: Dear family, Nice to meet you, Andreza. I am 27 years old and have graduated in Architecture for 3 years. I always liked children very much, since I was 15 I took care of my younger cousins, because I needed and liked to do it. I am a shy person, but I adapt very well in places and with people, I am very patient and calm, I have an open mind and I accept criticism and constructive advice. I really want to have this experience in my life and I am willing to work together and come to terms with
Her interests are: Cycling, Watching, Hanging out with friends and family

Mariana is 21, from Brazil, and she is available from 13 May, 2019

She says: Au Pair from Brazil called Mariana, 21, looking for a nice host family.
Her interests are: I absolutely love traveling, sports, movies, music and art. My free time is usually spent at home on Netflix or hanging out with my friends, as I really like to spend time outside.

Loanne Letícia Fernanda is 23, from Brazil, and she is available from 3 Dec, 2018

She says: Olá, me chamo Loanne, tenho 23 anos e moro no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Estou me oferecendo pra ser Au Pair pois tenho muita vontade conhecer outros países. Eu tenho uma breve no noção de inglês e atualmente faço curso.. Espero que vocês gostem de mim e possam me dar essa oportunidade.
Her interests are: Eu gosto muito de praia, trilhas. Adoro ir ao cinema

Lorraine is 25, from Brazil, and she is available from 2 Feb, 2019

She says: I could describe myself like very dedicate and responsible in all that I do, honest, loving, patient and flexible person. I love new experiences and I'm open mindedness to learn about new cultures, places and people always respecting the differences and space of each other. It is really important for me to find a family that treats me well as a close friend or even a eldest daughter, including me on family's activies, and trying to understand my adaptations in a new country and culture, but als
Her interests are: Available: February I can start ASAP, as I have planned to travel in next month for Stockholm and Copenhagen, so I will be happy if you are interested in my profile. My name is Lorraine, I'm from Brasil (25 years old). I grew up in a farm, and I developed a love by nature, children and animals. My mother had my brother when I was 5 years old, I grew up learning to take care of him, today he is 20 years old, and we live in a big city. I already I have lived away from my family for 10 months. E

Priscila is 24, from Brazil, and she is available from 20 Mar, 2019

She says: Priscila, 24 years old looking for a host family until the middle of the year.
Her interests are: Hi! I am looking for a quiet and happy family. Initially I am looking for a family from France and Holland, because I have a lot of interest in the language. I also give preference to countries where I can apply for Au pair in own country because it is faster process. I already worked with dance, I have experience with children, with young and adults and with children with special needs. I am active and cheerful, I love sports and dancing, I am flexible and very responsible.

Alice is 17, from Brazil, and she is available from 14 Jun, 2019

She says: Au pair of Brazil, named Alice 17 years.
Her interests are: Arts in general, outdoor activities and Cook.

Bruna is 26, from Brazil, and she is available from 30 Jul, 2019

She says: Au pair looking for great experience!
Her interests are: running, going out and reading

Paula is 24, from Brazil, and she is available from 1 Mar, 2019

She says: My name is Paula and I'm 24 years old. I live by myself since I'm 17 years old, so I'm used to do all the housework in my place, including cooking. I love kids and I'm really looking foward to work with a nice family!
Her interests are: My favorite hobbies are playing and singing (I play piano, ukulele and guitar), playing and watching soccer games and cooking. I also love going to parks and museums, swimming and playing sports.

Stella is 26, from Brazil, and she is available from 15 Apr, 2019

She says: Au pair from Brazil looking for a lovely family in April
Her interests are: Learn language, get to know the city, make friends

Rhuan Carlos is 19, from Brazil, and he is available from 7 Feb, 2019

He says: AU PAIR/ CAREGIVER from Brazil called Rhuan, 19 years old, looking for a job with an open minded and friendly family, starting from March.
His interests are: talk, go running, dance, go to the cinema, hang out with friends.

Joice luara is 24, from Brazil, and she is available from 1 Mar, 2019

She says: Olá, quero ser aupair, e estou procurando uma família anfitriã maravilhosa. Para trocamos informações sobre cultura e ajudar você em quer for preciso. Faça sua pergunta, responderei o mais rápido possível!
Her interests are: Bicicleta, ler livros , música, shopping, parques, cinema e dançar.

KIKA FROM BRAZIL is 61, from Brazil, and she is available from 1 Jun, 2018

She says: Hello!!! I am Brazilian women and I am living in São Paulo, BRAZIL I arrived from USA , last week where I was working as an apair for an American Family. I am well experienced in taking care children, housekeeping, 0rganized, pontual, sincere, honest. Your feed back will be much appreciated. Best Regards, CLARICE
Her interests are: Music, Cycling, sports, movi, theatre,etc

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