Amanda and Regan
1st Parent: Amanda (female)
2nd Parent: Regan (male)

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Membership No: 360940

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Amanda and Regan The Pierce's
Amanda and Regan Mitchell 7yrs old
Amanda and Regan Malakai 2yrs old
Amanda and Regan Ethan 4yrs old
Amanda and Regan Regan & Amanda

NOTE: This family is not currently looking for a nanny (?)

Kia ora! Our family has 3 kids who attend childcare and school during weekdays. We are looking for someone to support our kids with before & after school care. You will have free time during the school day, all public holidays and every, weekend.
We have 3 awesome young boys and a fat cat. We live in Auckland city in our 5 bedroom town house in the suburbs. It is about 30 minutes by train to the central city. We have hosted many international students and working travellers over the years. Your room is lockable and fully furnished. The bed is queen size.

We have our own shower installation business. Amanda manages the business administration and is studying to be a registered psychologist. Marama is a flatmate who has lived with us for over 4 years. Marama works in the city managing education programs and leading personal development seminars. Marama is our cat's favourite person even though she often travels and is away for work. Catherine is our other flatmate who works as a special needs teacher at a local school. Marama and Catherine are considered part of our family. In summer we enjoy going to community events together. We go to church sometimes on Sunday mornings, you can come or not because weekends are your free time to do as you please.

We are looking for someone to provide care support on Monday to Friday, before and after school hours. We have other carers for weekends. You will drive daily in this job so must have a full drivers licence. The children will be in your care during school hours only if they are home sick. When a child is home sick you can finish earlier (or be paid for extra hours if you want). As part of your induction you will have to do 2-3 short training workshops to support you in the job. Apart from initial training you have free time during the school day and on weekends.

We have a proper legal employment contract. Wage rates start at NZ$19.80 gross per hour. We use a payroll service to take care of your payments. Your required ACC and taxes are paid directly to the government. When you come you will need to open a bank account for wages and to file some easy paperwork for your tax return at the end of your stay. You will likely get some taxes refunded from the government and we can show you how to do all of all of that.

This role is fixed for 30 hours per week, 12 months (or longer). We would like you to work Monday to Friday 7-9:30am and 2:30pm-6:30pm. There is some flexibility with the afternoon shift times so you can go out if you want to.

The housework duties are child focussed - helping the kids tidy their mess. Supporting with making the children's beds, helping with their laundry, some meal preparation and tidying away the kids dishes. We have a cleaner and we also help out so you do not have to do everything. If our kids make a mess we want them to help tidy also. Our children's carers are family members not servants.

Before you apply please check with Immigration New Zealand to see if citizens of your country can get a working visa for this job. We deduct required taxes and $250 for board (food, room, utilities & unlimited internet). Net wages are paid fortnightly into your New Zealand bank account (about $200 per week). It would be good if you have a cell phone so we can contact you if needed. We will give you $10 per month for text messages and urgent calls if you need to ring us. All other costs from your cell phone are your expense.

Our 4 & 7 year old sons have autism. We value our carers so arrange training support. No disability experience is needed. We know our kids very well. We arrange all training, pay the fees and provide transport to courses. If you want to meet other au pairs and to be supported by an au pair agency we can also do that and will pay the cost.

1) Our kid's specialists come to our home to train you. You will be supported learning about autism and how to manage our children's behaviour safely. We will support the children to bond with you.
2) You must have a current comprehensive 1st aid certificate that includes child & infant CPR. Your English must be good enough to pass this course in New Zealand when your certificate expires.
3) We will send you do do some short evening or day workshops in the first 2 months of starting. These workshops are to support you with information about autism. There are no tests.
4) We will pay for your full driver license to be converted to a New Zealand license the first week you arrive. You will only have to complete some paperwork and sit an eye test (free) that day.

Our children are developmentally younger. This role is like looking after a 2 year old and two 3 year olds. The kind of person we are looking for...

Loves playing
Is confident & experienced working alongside toddlers or young children under 5 years age
Is confident driving - we will insure you to drive our car.
Has very good relationship support at home. Our carers are considered family however we need to know you can always contact people in your life for unconditional love and support during your time in our home.

Our kids have always had carers, some lived in and others lived locally. Most of our children's carers were trained on the job. You are welcome to talk to current and past carers if you want to find out from others about us or what living with us might be like. We welcome video interviews with yourself (and your family or other interested support people) via skype or messenger.

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