Amanda and Regan
1st Parent: Amanda (female)
2nd Parent: Regan (male)

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Membership No: 360940

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Amanda and Regan Regan & Amanda

Amanda and Regan, from New Zealand. Looking for help from 16 Nov, 2019

Kia ora! Our family has 3 kids who attend childcare and school during weekdays. We are looking for someone to support our kids with before & after school care. No weekend work. Over 12 months work you get 4 weeks paid holidays off & 12 paid public holidays off. Flexible start date, anytime from 16 November 2019 until 19 January 2020. End date anytime after 16 November 2020.
We have 3 awesome young boys and a fat cat. Our boys have always had extra carers. Marleen is our current au pair who is here for 12 months and returns to Germany in November 2019. We are looking for a special person to be part of our family when Marleen leaves. You are welcome to video call her via Skype or messenger to ask about us. Regan manages a team of shower installers. Amanda has returned to university to postgraduate studies as part of the requirements to become a registered psychologist.

We have two flatmates who are considered part of our family. Marama has lived with us for over 5 years. Marama leads personal development seminars in the city. Catherine came to stay with us several years ago on an exchange from USA. Catherine loved it so much she returned to live here and has been with us for over a year now. Catherine works as a special needs teacher at a local school. We often hang out and go to community events together. During the school holidays and weekends Catherine and Marleen often explore and take holidays together.

Our 5 & 8 year old sons have autism. Our children are developmentally younger. This role is like looking after a 5 year old and two 3 year olds. We are looking for someone who loves to play. You need to have experience working with children under 5 years age. No experience with disabilities is needed. As part of your induction you will attend 2-3 training workshops to learn about Autism. We value our carers so provide ongoing training support as needed during the year. You will have training support from a psychologist trained to assist with raising children with special needs. In the past we have had very highly trained carers as well as people without any school qualifications. We are looking for people who are: playful, willing and coachable. We can support you with training for everything else.

We know our kids very well. We arrange all training, pay the fees and provide transport to courses. Our children have always had carers and are used to following instructions from other people. All our carers are given training about autism. There are strict child protection laws in this country that we will teach you about before you sign a contract. Smacking is illegal in New Zealand, any staff member that smacks will be fired and face criminal charges. Everyone has different views about the definition of appropriate childcare. To ensure you are clear we will give you all the information you need to know before you start. We provide extensive training to all our carers about how to communicate with our children and how to manage challenging behaviour appropriately. The training not just about our children. We want you to look after your wellbeing too.

We have a 5 bedroom suburban town house in Auckland. We live about 30 minutes by train to the central city. We have hosted many international students and working travellers over the years. Your room can be locked when you want and it is fully furnished. The bed is queen size.

We are looking for someone to provide care support before and after school. We have other carers on weekends. This is a live in role for 35 hours per week. We are wanting someone for 12 months (or longer). We would like you to work Monday to Friday 7-9:30am and 2:30pm-7:30pm. The job includes a night of babysitting once a week. We don't often need babysitting so if we don't book it we don't use it.

You will drive daily in this job so must have a full drivers licence. If the children are home sick, you will be caring for them. When a child is home sick you can finish earlier (or take time off on another day). The children might be home sick about 10 days a year.

The job involves all tasks a parent would usually need to do to when caring for children. You will be preparing meals, bathing, dressing, driving and playing. There are some housework duties for this role. Help the kids tidy their mess. Make the children's beds. Do all the children's laundry. Prepare the children's meals and tidy their dishes. Prepare dinner for the household 3 weeknights. When the flatmates and parents are home we also help with dinner preparation. Everyone helps with dishes. Our au pair is considered a family member and not a servant. In our family everyone is expected to help with meal preparation and dishes.

Before you apply please check with Immigration New Zealand to see if citizens of your country can get a working visa for this job. We deduct required taxes and $277.26 for board (food, room, utilities & unlimited internet). The wages are paid weekly into your New Zealand bank account. You will get about $200 per week net after all government taxes and board expenses have been paid.

We have a proper legal employment contract. You must be able to get a work visa for New Zealand for 12 months. We use an au pair agency here in New Zealand to support our au pair's. The agency will provide some training and support during your stay. You will have the opportunity to meet many other au pairs here too. We pay the agency fees for au pair agency services.

Your wages are NZ$20.50 gross per hour. We use a payroll service to take care of your payments and pay your compulsory taxes and fees to the New Zealand government. When you come you will need to open a New Zealand bank account for wages. At the end of your contract you might be able to get some tax refunded from our government at the end of your stay. We can show you how to do that.

1) Our kid's specialists come to our home to train you. You will learn about autism and how to manage our children's behaviour safely. We will support the children to bond with you.
2) You must have a current comprehensive 1st aid certificate that includes child & infant CPR. Your English must be good enough to pass this course in New Zealand when your certificate expires.
3) We will send you do do some short evening or day workshops in the first 2 months of starting. These workshops are to support you with information about autism. There are no tests.
4) You need a full car license. You need to bring an official translation of your driver license and 1st Aid Certificates if they are not in English.

You need good relationships with your family support back at home. Our carers are considered family however we need to know you always have people in your life to contact for love and support while you are with us. You are welcome to talk to Marleen if you want to find out from others about us or what living with us might be like. We welcome video interviews with yourself (and your family or other interested support people) via skype or messenger.

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