Phishing warning: some of our users have received emails that appear to be from New Au Pair, asking them to visit a page (not on our website) and enter their email address and password to 'validate' their accounts. DON'T DO THIS ! We never send out such emails to our users.

99.9% of the nannies and au pairs on this website are perfectly genuine. Unfortunately, as with everything in life, there are always a few who spoil things for the rest of us. All au pair and nanny matching websites occasionally get nannies and au pairs who are not what they say they are. works harder than anyone else to keep this site 'clean'. Here is some advice to help you avoid scammers:

  • Do they ask you to send money, for visas or documents or air fares? NEVER DO THIS!
  • Do they suddenly have a connection with the Cameroon or Nigeria? (Even if they say they are another nationality?)

Our best advice is NEVER to send money to an au pair or nanny and to trust your instincts. If you are worried, please write to us here. BUT FIRST, please check that the au pair's profile has not been deleted. If it has, then we deleted it already and you do NOT need to write to us. If the profile is still there, then tell us your membership number, the membership number of the nanny or au pair, and the reasons for your concern, and we will try to investigate for you.

Please remember, almost all the nannies and au pairs on this site are genuinely looking for a job with a family like yours.

Please read our second page about keeping safe on the New Au Pair website.

Best regards
The New Au Pair Team

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"I was successful in finding a family in a short time. Thank you!"
- Dalia S, United Kingdom