Kostas and Chrysa
1st Parent: Kostas (male)
2nd Parent: Chrysa (female)

Location: Saronida, Greece
Membership No: 360721

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Kostas and Chrysa Family
Kostas and Chrysa Saronida
Kostas and Chrysa Garden
Kostas and Chrysa Saronida beach

Kostas and Chrysa, from Greece. Looking for help from 15 Sep, 2018

Hi, we are a greek family with 3 boys, living in a small quite city by the sea aprox 40km from Athens. We both work, and we want a swedish girl to take care of the kids in the afternoon. Mother has a greek-swedish nationality, and we would like our kids to learn swedish.
We are searching for a swedish girl that would be more like an older sister, playing sports and talking swedish to the kids. You will have a lot of free time during weekdays, plus free weekends.

In the weekdays we prepare the kids for school. Between 13:30-15:00 you will have to pick up kids from school (5min driving). From 15:00 till 17:00 you will keep an eye while they do their homework, and play with them when they finish. At aprox 17:00 you will usually have to drive 1 or more kids to sports activities or foreign language courses. And at 18:00 aprox you will bring them back. For this 25h per week, you will get 200euros per month, which can be double if you want to do housework of aprox 2h per day.

All kids have swedish citizenship and try to learn swedish.
So, in a few words we need you to be: Swedish, excellent driver, loving to work out/playing with kids.

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