Pat and Fred
1st Parent: Pat (female)
2nd Parent: Fred (male)

Location: Midway, Bc, Canada
Membership No: 353469

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Pat and Fred
Pat and Fred
Pat and Fred
Pat and Fred

Pat and Fred, from Canada. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2016

Family of 5, live in small rural town near the beautiful Okanagan area of British Columbia, Canada. Oldest away at college, 14 yr old home schooled daughter with mild learning challenges, 16 developmentally delayed son (in public school).
Dad about to retire, Mom would like extra help during the day as she is trying to prepare for tackling clutter in this home while we start building another.
Request minimum 6 month commitment.
I took on homeschooling last year, it is the perfect solution for our daughter, however the rest of the house lacked attention as a result. I want to try and get our home in order for sale, but simply can't be attentive to her needs and complete home tasks, next best option is to have an au pair assist me in these areas. Days are rather fluid and subject to change so we "go with the flow". Would love some extra help with meal prep.
Our son who has intellectual delay but no behaviour problems, would appreciate someone to "hang out with" after school. He loves badminton, basketball, gardening, his passion is bicycling and video games involving car racing.
Days may include oversight of one child and home while I bring other child to appointments or extra curricular activities. Or both kids so I get a break or run errands. Need house work assistance please.
Seeking an individual who is independent, non smoker and preferably non drinker.

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