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Abir is 23, from Ethiopia, and she is available from 22 Jan, 2020

She says: A 22 year old aspiring au pair born in Saudi Arabia but is in Ethiopia named Abir, looking to be an au pair/big sister starting January 2020 :)
Her interests are: Reading a good book, sketching from time to time and taking a walk while listening to music.

Rahwa is 22, from Ethiopia, and she is available from 1 Sep, 2018

She says: Nanny/au pair from Ethiopia, called rahwa, 20,looking for a job with a nice family,starting from 1 September.
Her interests are: Music,walks,reading.

Meseret is 29, from Ethiopia, and she is available from 13 Jun, 2017

She says: I need AU pair jobs so I hope to start this jobs
Her interests are: I like to do walking by feet,reading.watching movies and playing with children

Kasaye is 29, from California, Ethiopia, and he is available from 25 Jul, 2019

He says: My full name is kasaye Tamiru, I am 29 years old (in May 2020 I'll be 30) and I live in Addis Ababa, Capital city Ethiopia. I like the city where I live, it is so big (about more than 5,000,000 inhabitants) but you can find everything you need. I live there with my parents and my sister in our own apartment.
His interests are: housekeeping ,security, going out with friends

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