Preben and Marianne
1st Parent: Preben (male)
2nd Parent: Marianne (female)

Location: Oslo, Norway
Membership No: 361900

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Preben and Marianne The girls
Preben and Marianne
Preben and Marianne

Preben and Marianne, from Norway. Looking for help from 10 Aug, 2019

We need a new au-pair to help out with the house and 2 children
Hi there,
We are looking for a new au-pair from August 2019. We live in Oslo, at Bygdøy 15 minutes from the city-center, a cozy neighborhood with a small beach and many other au-pairs. We need help with our two girls 3 and 5 years old, primarily before and after kindergarten, some baby-sitting in the evening, as well as maintaining the house in an orderly fashion. We have had two au-pairs, both from the Philippines, with very good cooperation and mutual understanding. We strongly prefer someone that has already been an au-pair in Denmark with references. We both work in the city within finance and relatively normal working hours. You will have your own room with some light cooking facilities, and semi-private bathroom shared with a guest room.
If you think this would be of interest, please send us an email with your experience, interests, and contact details.

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