Hayan and Roy
1st Parent: Hayan (female)
2nd Parent: Roy (male)

Location: Nanjing, China
Membership No: 361860

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Hayan and Roy May’s 7 birthday
Hayan and Roy

Hayan and Roy, from China. Looking for help from 17 May, 2019

We have two happy and joyful children.
May is the oldest one,she is seven years old,Bryson is 3yo,they both attend school full time.
During the morning until 3-4 pm you are free and if you want you will be able to attend Chinese classes at the university.
Mum owns a restaurant and Dad is a lawyer.
Our family has a housekeeper working full time so you will not be required to clean the house or to any kind oh house work,but keep clean your personal space(including bedroom and bathroom).
May especially likes makes handcraft and manual activities,Bryson right now loves dinosaurs and trucks.
Anyway i am sure they will be happy to try every new game you'll propose them

We want someone that play with the children and create a safe and happy environment for them,we want you to feel like a member of our family.
During the weekend we organize some activities and you will always be welcome to join us.
You will mainly have to play with them and let them learning while having fun and helping May with her english homework.
During the morning you will always have free time until the afternoon,when the kids finish their classes,so you will have the possibility of join chinese language classless from monday to friday

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