Alison and Ben
1st Parent: Alison (female)
2nd Parent: Ben (male)

Location: London, United Kingdom
Membership No: 361819

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Alison and Ben Us!
Alison and Ben Fun in the sun!
Alison and Ben We love to read!
Alison and Ben Not our home :(
Alison and Ben We love it when our old au pairs come to visit :)

Alison and Ben, from United Kingdom. Looking for help from 20 Aug, 2019

Who are we? We are mum, dad, 9 year old daughter, sons aged 11 and 13, and a cat.

Why choose us? We live in Finchley, very close to parks, shops, restaurants, London Underground, and only a few minute' walk away from a leisure complex with gym, cinema, bowling etc. There is TV and fast internet in your room; and you share a bathroom only with our daughter. We have had several au pairs over the years, and are still in touch with many.

Why do we need an au pair? Mainly because our youngest is still at primary school, so we need someone to get her to school and in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon, being around until we get home from work, and giving her and her older brothers dinner when they get home from school (we usually prepare the meals though you are welcome to cook too!)

What are our kids like? They are all very active - they love sports, games, music, and having a laugh. They do lots of activities after school and have lovely friends too.

You will have a lot of free time while the kids are at school. We only ask that you hang up the laundry and put it away when dry; and make the kids' beds. Our cleaner, a lovely lady we have known for years, comes to do the cleaning twice a week, so we really only ask for your help in keeping our home tidy (wiping the table after meals, getting the kids to hang up their coats and school bags, etc.)

After school you'll either take one of the kids to an activity (sometimes with a friend) or be at home with one of the kids while grandma takes the other somewhere. We will usually ask you to put the kids' dinner in the oven and prepare some vegetables.

The routine is a little different in the holidays - we will need more on some days, less on others, depending on whether one or both of us are working each day.

Weekends are essentially free other than occasional babysitting. We ask for an average of 2 evenings per week (usually Saturday + 1 other, but never Friday) but in practice it's usually less than that. Friends in our road also have au-pairs, they will also need a new aupair around the same time so perfect if you have a friend...

The most important thing is you enjoy being with kids, can be responsible when out with them, and are comfortable living with a family. It probably helps if you like cats too!

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