Astrid and Astrid
1st Parent: Astrid (female)
2nd Parent: Astrid (male)

Location: Mosman, Australia
Membership No: 361761

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Astrid and Astrid

Astrid and Astrid, from Australia. Looking for help from 19 Apr, 2019

Dear Au Pair,

We are a lovely family of 3 girls. I myself am 37 years old, Charlotte is 8 and Georgia is 6. I am American and have loved living in Sydney on and off for 12 years. My girls are sweet, kind and best friends! We also live with a beautiful cat Catty Lizzy.
We enjoy the beach, music, shopping, getting our nails done, crafts and coloring, eating good food and having friends over to play! The girls especially enjoy their trampoline in our oversized yard!

You would have your own room and access to a car if needed on occasion.
About us
We live in Mosman on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney! Just a 10 min bus ride puts you in the heart of the city which is one of the reasons why we love it here. You are so close to all that the city has to offer.

Every day life for us looks like this. I currently work 5 days a week at Orangetheory Fitness as the head fitness coach. Some days I am up and out of the house before anyone is awake! The girls get up between 7-8am. Have

we are looking for a fun loving positive person who likes to laugh and enjoys living in the moment. Someone who loves arts and crafts, singing and dancing but also likes some down time and just eating popcorn and watching netflix. Our home is our happy place and I think we make it very happy and amazing here. We also like to have parties so definetly very social as well!

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