Martin and Christina
1st Parent: Martin (male)
2nd Parent: Christina (female)

Location: Aix-en-provence, France
Membership No: 361658

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Martin and Christina

Martin and Christina, from France. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2019

Au Pair needed for a relaxed family with 2 young boys to help during the weekdays
We are looking for someone to help look after the boys during the week as I may have to go back to UK for some work during the year. Duties would include getting the boys ready for school (although they are quite independant), and taking them to the school/school bus (if you cannot drive). The rest of the day is free (Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri) until collection from school. We would then like you to teach/practice our boys in Russian & Chinese for an hour or so each evening. On Wednesdays we would like it if you could help with some light cleaning (we have a robot hoover so no need for this) but that would be all the domestic requirements. All weekends would be free. Ideally the Au Pair would be fluent in Russian and Chinese whilst also speaking English. French would be beneficial but you would be able to learn it here if you wished. It would be great if you could drive although as we live so close to the town centre it is not critical. We would love someone who loves children and is quite relaxed as we are.

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