Jonna and Marko
1st Parent: Jonna (female)
2nd Parent: Marko (male)

Location: Joensuu, Finland
Membership No: 361622

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Jonna and Marko, from Finland. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2019

We are looking for an au pair to come and live with us and help us with our children and our daily routines.
Our family members are Marko (father, age 37), Jonna (mother, age 37) and our children Tua (7), Olga (5,5) and Lilja (1,5). We also have 3 dogs, all poodles ????. We used to have a cat also but unfortunately, she passed away a couple of months ago. So, we are very animal friendly family. We live in a small town of Joensuu in the eastern part of Finland. We live in our own house which is in a suburb called Marjala. Marjala is about 6km from city center, but we have good public transportation. Joensuu is a nice little town with a population of about 75 000. Our family hobbies are skiing and skating in the winter. In the summer we like to go to swim or on a bicycle trip to playgrounds etc. If you are nature loving person Joensuu is a good place to get to know finnish nature.
Fall 2019 will be busy time for us because Jonna plans to start working again, Tua will start her first class at school, Olga will start pre-school and Lilja will start going to day care. So, we thought maybe an au pair would be a good way to find some help for us to manage the daily routines. It would also be a great way to get to know new people and introduce new language to our kids. Your duties would include taking the children to school/daycare in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon. We would also want some help with the chores, but all in all your working hours would be quite flexible when agreed upon in advance. Weekends will generally be free time. We would like that you could start sometime between August 2019 and December 2019. We would hope that you'd enjoy your time here.

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