Meryl and Jonathan
1st Parent: Meryl (female)
2nd Parent: Jonathan (male)

Location: We Travel Around The World!, France
Membership No: 361621

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Meryl and Jonathan Our family when we started traveling.
Meryl and Jonathan Our family now (without the elephant :p )
Meryl and Jonathan Brother and Sister

Meryl and Jonathan, from France. Looking for help from 18 Mar, 2019

We are looking for an au-pair: willing to travel the world, teach our 5yo son English and other educational things, play with our 2yo daughter, have fun with us!
We are a family of 4. We have 2 wonderful kids :)
Our boy is 5 years old and our girl will be 2 years old in April 2019.
We (parents) were born in France and our kids were born in Israel, where we lived a long time before deciding to travel all around the world!
We speak French with the kids but we would be happy to add English language between us and the au pair.
So as you understood, in December 2017, we left Israel and started our trip. We usually stay 2 weeks in the same place, generally hotels and airbnb, and then we move. We visited Panama, Mexico, Bali, Philippines, Vietnam, Maldives, Sri Lanka... And this year we plan to visit India, Nepal, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Hawai.. We are also going to Tonga island to swim with humpback whales in September 2019.

We are now ready to take an au pair with us. Our goal is of course having a little bit more time for the 2 of us but mostly we would like our son to learn English and start writing and reading in English. We want to start his education. We will prepare a program to follow up with lots of explanations for the au pair. And in exchange she will have the opportunity to travel with us.
Note that we really love water and marine life..

So essentially, we are looking for an au-pair: willing to travel the world, willing to teach our son English basics and other educational things that we can discuss, willing to have fun with us! And who knows how to swim of course!

Contact us if you are interested ;)

PS: about the dates, we can discuss them together.

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