Fredrik and Monika
1st Parent: Fredrik (male)
2nd Parent: Monika (female)

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Membership No: 361562

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Fredrik and Monika Enjoying surfing in Bali!
Fredrik and Monika Felicia (soon 2) playing in the sand
Fredrik and Monika Frank (4) likes to cook!
Fredrik and Monika Frank and Felicia at midsummer with prep Au-pair

Fredrik and Monika, from Indonesia. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2019

Au pair needed for a fun adventure in our 2 kids family in Jakarta, Indonesia and Bali! Previous Aupair prolonged with us as she enjoyed living with us! Now it is your turn! :)
We are a young family who is quite active and like to travel and do stuff and try new things. We look for someone likeminded, who sees opportunities and like to explore them. We love travelling and our kids love to hang out in the pool and play together. We also like to try to cook Swedish food once in a while (otherwise we normally have a person cooking for us) so if you like that it is a plus! We also would like you to take initiative, learn our kids new things by playing with them etc. Nothing is crazy enough..! :) most important is that you are positive and keep the spirit high!

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