Selina and Peter
1st Parent: Selina (female)
2nd Parent: Peter (male)

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands
Membership No: 361557

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Selina and Peter, from Netherlands. Looking for help from 31 Mar, 2019

Dear Au Pair We hope that you are interested in reading the story of our family! Selina and I have three children, Poline, Filipe and Parvi. Poline is the eldest, almost 13 years old. She is a happy, sweet and sportive girl, doing also well at highschool. Her favourite hobbies are playing hockey and drawing. She has a lot of friends. Filipe is our son, 10 years old. He is really a boy, has a lot of energy. He can be very sweet. He is doing well at school. His favourite hobbies are playing hockey and Lego. He likes to take his friends home after school . Parvi is our youngest daughter, she is almost 6 years. She is a bright child and always happy, a very nice combination! She also likes to play hockey. She loves to step on her bike. Thomas is a dentist and I am a dental hygienist. We have our own dental practice in Amsterdam, about 10 minutes drive. We both have a busy job. I work 3/4 days a week, and Thomas works 4 days a week. We need an Au Pair because of our busy and irregular jobs!
We like to have a lot of people around. The things that Tijn and I both value in a person is honesty, open communication and trust in a relationship. If this all appeals to you, then you are the right person to fit in our family! Because the children are going to school all day, there is also enough free time for you. We hope you have hobbies to keep you happy in your free time

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