Stefan and Deborah
1st Parent: Stefan (male)
2nd Parent: Deborah (female)

Location: Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Membership No: 361552

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Stefan and Deborah
Stefan and Deborah

Stefan and Deborah, from Netherlands. Looking for help from 1 May, 2019

Hi! We're Deborah, Stefan, Noud (8), Feline (5) and the dogs Eevi and Siisti. A fun and busy family who could use a hand. Stefan works full time and that means keeping the family running is a lot of work for Deborah, who also is a substitute teacher. Next to that Noud is a sweet boy and has his own manual. Noud is doing really well in school and loves gymnastics and the trampoline. His sister, Feline, is a real princess and loooooves to talk. She loves playing, arts and crafts and has a lot of fantasy.
With two dogs, two kids who also do sports you can imagine it can be fun and hectic every now and then and we'd love you to support, and becoming part of our family. We like to go to the beach, forest, cities, theme parks and would love to show you the country.

Deborah, 36, fulltime mother but also substitute teacher and active in the community. Keeps the family running. Always busy and active, but wants to make sure you'll feel right at home and help you where she can.

Stefan, 35, father, is an executive at a media agency and travels a lot. Tries to get everything out of the weekend and enjoy the family as much as possible.

Noud, 8 year old boy, needs structure and being to the point. He's creative, can play for hours and has a vivid imagination. He's a boyscout and a gifted gymnast. He currently trains 12 hours a week(!). He enjoys school and gets great results.

Feline, 5 year old girl, very mature for her age. Extremely funny and likeable, but also an occasional drama queen. Wants to be heard/acknowledged, but needs clear rules. It's delightful to watch her play and she has a big imagination. Loves unicorns and horses. Easygoing, has made a lot of friends already. Really knows what she wants.

Eevi (5) and Siisti (1) are two Finnish Lapphunds. Very sweet, calm, cuddly, but sometimes a bit stubborn.

We expect the au pair to be part of the family and to be as responsible in the daily routines as the rest of us. We need you to help with the kids (pick up, drop off, playing), dogs and prepare an occasional meal. We're looking for someone who has experience with kids, is responsible, creative, communicative and gets things done. You also have a drivers licence and you know how to ride a bicycle as well.

We offer you a place in our family. A nice furnished room (with wifi) at the top floor of our house with your own bathroom. You'll get your own bicycle, museum card (which gives you access to all museums), dutch language course, simcard with dutch phone number, health insurance and allowance.

We are looking for an au pair who can stay for a year.

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