Rasha and Mohamad
1st Parent: Rasha (female)
2nd Parent: Mohamad (male)

Location: Sydney, Australia
Membership No: 361478

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Rasha and Mohamad
Rasha and Mohamad Our professional family photo from July 2018
Rasha and Mohamad

Rasha and Mohamad, from Australia. Looking for help from 3 Jul, 2019

Au pair needed to care for 2 children (3 years old and 18 month old) and to do some chores.
We are a family of four, myself (Rasha), my husband (Mohamad) and our two boys (Kareem, 3.5) and Saleem (18mths). We are originally from Canada but have moved here so that Mohamad can do med school and train to be a doctor. Mohamad is training to be a General Practitioner (i.e. Family Doctor) and I work in healthcare management. Both my husband and I are working full time and will need some support with our two kids. I will be alone with the kids for some time and so I'm looking forward hosting someone and getting to know them. We're a very loving family and our boys are pretty well behaved. They are very easy going, love to smile and laugh and are social and easy to get along with. They are spoken highly of by anyone that has cared for them before. We love the outdoors and so go out a lot. We like to discover every area we live in as much as possible. My husband and I are a hard working couple but we also love to have fun.

We are looking for someone who is honest, reliable, easy going, takes initiative and enjoys caring for children. It would be great if they also have childcare experience, particularly for one and a half year olds.

We are looking forward to hosting someone and teaching them about our area and making them feel like part of the family.

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