Magali and Hervé
1st Parent: Magali (female)
2nd Parent: Hervé (male)

Location: Nantes, France
Membership No: 361476

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Magali and Hervé
Magali and Hervé

Magali and Hervé, from France. Looking for help from 1 May, 2019

Hello I'm Magali ! My husband and I have 2 children (age 10 and 12). We live near the Atlantic Coast not far from Nantes. Need a DEMI-PAIR which means only 8 hours "tutoring" (speaking and playing in English with the children) in exchange for room and board. There is no housework, no cooking, no babysitting. A lot of free time to study or work. Contact me ! :)
We need a "demi-pair" (half au pair) which means about 8 hours per week of "tutoring", in exchange for room and board. Weekends free and week days free exept wednesday afternoons and one evening after school from 5 to 7 pm spending time with the kids, playing games, sport or music in English so they can daily practice the language. We have a nice house with a cosy spare room, located in the very center of our town, 2 min walk from the bus stop that goes to Nantes City. We would like to welcome you as a member of our family, like a big sister or big brother to the kids, sharing our French culture and learning about yours. I used to be an au pair myself, so I know how it feels like to be far from home in a foreign family. The children's hobbies are : guitar playing for both, astronomy, skate board, playing chess and drama school for our boy; singing, drawing, writing poems and biology for our girl. If you need a family that let you free time to study, visit or work : we are perfect for you ! ;)

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