Dominika and Jaume
1st Parent: Dominika (female)
2nd Parent: Jaume (male)

Location: Kraków, Poland
Membership No: 361350

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Dominika and Jaume
Dominika and Jaume
Dominika and Jaume
Dominika and Jaume
Dominika and Jaume

Dominika and Jaume, from Poland. Looking for help from 3 Mar, 2019

We are a nice and happy family with 2 children living in Cracow, the most beautiful city in Poland. Looking for an au pair to live with us and be part of our family! We are multicultural (polish-spanish) and bilingual circle. We would need an Au pair from March 2019 till October 2019. Preferably English speaking with Spanish basic level at least. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
We are an opened and very friendly family. We are active (always doing things) and like to know new, interesting people. We think that the world is a nice place but we can make it more beautiful and better with our actions. We look for a warm, nice, joyful and responsible person to help us with our children. We would like our Au Pair to make lovely and interesting company to our small ones, being an active part of our family.

We live in Cracow, one of the most important polish cities. Cracow is famous because of its history and monuments (was the capital of Poland for many centuries), his vibrant university atmosphere and cultural omnipresent events. We live in the middle of the city center, next to the river and 5 minutes walking from most of the interesting touristic places. The city is situated very close to the mountain, very nice place for one day or longer excursions. To know better our region it's possible to go to Wieliczka Salt Mine (one of the main touristic attractions of Poland) and visit the tragic trace of humanity history - Auschwitz.

Additionally we offer to our Au pair the possibility of participate in an intense polish language course. Thanks to it our Au pair may feel more comfortable and it could be a good beginning to immerse in the polish culture and tradition.

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