Mirek and Edyta
1st Parent: Mirek (male)
2nd Parent: Edyta (female)

Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Membership No: 361248

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Mirek and Edyta august 2018
Mirek and Edyta july 2018
Mirek and Edyta winter 2017
Mirek and Edyta july 2018
Mirek and Edyta our cat is taking sunbath

Mirek and Edyta, from Poland. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2019

We are 4 person family with cat :). We live in the big city (Wroclaw) 5 km from the center in a single-family house at a quiet and very safe area. We are two parents with two children. Older girl (13 years) goes to school. Younger son (7 years), has just started his first class at primary school.
We want you to spend with our children flexible few hours a day and we will guarantee you a few hours a day for your private affairs. Your task will be: take care of children, help them in homeworks (if possible), play with them. We'd like to learn your culture and practice English, and we offer you to show you our culture and ... learn Polish ;) (if you are ready).
If we travel (and it is possible), you'll travel with us too (of course if you'd like).
We want to invite you from Dec 1st for 4-6 months... if you'd like us and it'll be possible ... maybe more (?) ... contact us.

We are tipical "working&schooling" familly. From monday to friday we are most of the time of the days, out of our home. During weekends we try to spend as much time together as possible. We live in small house located in very quiet and safe area. From our home to city center in about 3,5 miles and it takes up to 15 minutes by tram or bus to go there. Wrocław (where we live) is the best city for living in Poland.
The most important what we expect from you is: just be yourself, honest and opened. We also would like you to become a part of our family for time you'll spend with us.

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