Markus and Tytti
1st Parent: Markus (male)
2nd Parent: Tytti (female)

Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
Membership No: 361219

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Markus and Tytti, from Finland. Looking for help from 1 Jan, 2019

We are christian family and we are looking for au pair/nanny for 4 kids. We have 2 sons Samuel is 10y, Jeremias is 7y and daughters Saara 3y and Ruut 2 years. My wife Tytti works as a nurse and I´m a youthworker in a lutherian church. I have irregular worktime and Tytti has shiftwork.

We like to go outdoors together, sport is important part of our life. Tytti likes handcrafts, boys and I like to play games.

We need an au pair who could start at january.

We are looking for au pair who is willing to work irregular hours depending our worktimes. We hope that you have drivers licence because sometimes you have to take boys to swimming and to other hobbies. We hope that you have positive attitude and respect our faith. We don´t smoke or drink alcohol and we hope same from you.

Most important thing to you is to take care of children but we are also happy if you willing to do some housework. Sometimes boys may need help with their home works.

What normal day would look like. We take Saara to play group at 9am and you take care of Ruut until you have to fetch Saara at 12 am. After boys come from school you serve snack and make sure that they do their homework. Tytti comes home at 3 pm.
If Tytti goes to evening shift you have free morning until 1 pm. I work very random hours so sometimes you have freeday in a middle of week.

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