Veerle and Christophe
1st Parent: Veerle (female)
2nd Parent: Christophe (male)

Location: Manikata, Malta
Membership No: 361194

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Veerle and Christophe Sam, Finn and Luke
Veerle and Christophe the family
Veerle and Christophe We like traveling
Veerle and Christophe mum
Veerle and Christophe the boys

Veerle and Christophe, from Malta. Looking for help from 15 Oct, 2019

Belgian family with three children (4,6 and 8), living in Malta, is looking for an au pair to help taking care of the children and doing light household work.
We are a family consisting of mum and dad, two boys (4 and 6), and an 8 year old girl who has special needs. She suffered brain damage from an incident and is seriosuly disabled. She needs assistance for all activities. Nevertheless, she is a very happy girl.

The au pair can help us with taking care of the children. This can be in the morning rush, during the day and we also like to go out one or two evenings per week and then we ask the au pair to babysit. We would also like the au pair to help in the household (light work, including laundry, cooking, emptying and filling the dishwasher, etc.). A workweek consists of 25 working hours.

We are looking for a creative and energetic someone who is independent and reliable. Someone who loves to spend time with children, who enjoys seeing the smiling faces of young kids and who doesn't mind working when it's working time. We do not require experience, just good motivation. We also deem very important opportunities or the au pair. In the free time, we encourage and help finding fun activities and personal development. We had au pairs who worked as a volunteer in the nature park, taking care of sea turtles who were rescued; who got their diving license; who followed English courses; who joined sports clubs; etc. Being an au pair is an opportunity to live abroad, meet new people and yourself.

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