1st Parent: MONICA (female)
Parents' main language: Spanish
Location: Zaragoza, Spain
Membership No: 361178

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MONICA and JACOBO, from Spain. Looking for help from 15 Apr, 2019

Dear future Au Pair,

We hope you are willing to join us, and have some childcare experience with us.

Here is a little bit about us:

We are a family of 4! Well, actually three and our dog. We are both primary teachers and we work in different schools but both at primary level.
Our baby is 2 months old, and it is a baby boy. We are a young couple who loves city life and travelling to the mountains with our german sheperd dog (3 years old).

Due to my maternity leave, I will be at home helping you, there will be free time and a flexible schedule for our Au Pair to attend to classes, learn Spanish or go to the gym, etc.

We want our baby boy to get used to another person (not only mum and daddy) so in the future, when my maternity leave finishes, we can leave him at home in a confident way.

We are both English and Spanish teachers, so we find very important the aupair to be native English speaker so she can help us as well improving our speaking skills. We speak English and Spanish to

As mentioned before, we have a flexible schedule due to my maternity leave, it is more important for us the baby gets used to a third person.

The Au Pair will have light home duties helping me, tyding up (dog and baby make a messy home), cooking from time to time. It is just giving me a hand with daily things. Also, stay with the baby if I have to work from the computer, do the shopping or walk the dog.
We won´t ask the au pair to walk the dog, it is a german sheperd and we understand it is a big dog. Although he is absolutely nice at home, quiet and very relaxed with new people.

As well, as part of our job, we expect some help with our English speaking fluency and accuracy (just speaking English at home), so we can become better teachers as well.

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