Ouli and Anssi
1st Parent: Ouli (female)
2nd Parent: Anssi (male)

Location: Espoo, Finland
Membership No: 361169

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Ouli and Anssi Our family

Ouli and Anssi, from Finland. Looking for help from 1 Nov, 2018

We are a family of four and we are looking for an au-pair to take care of our 11 year old daughter Stella (born 2007) and our 8 year old son Amos (born 2010), and to help us with the house hold. We all speak daily Finnish, Swedish and English (also the kids speak fluent English as we used to live in Singapore for almost 2 years and they went to school there) so you would be speaking mostly English and Swedish with kids. Finland is a bi-lingual country (both Finnish and Swedish are official languages here), and Stella and Amos are attending a 100% Swedish school 7,5 km away from our home. All school work is in Swedish language, teachers speak only Swedish and we live in an area where 85% of the habitats have Swedish as their mother tongue . So it is pretty much up to you if you prefer to communicate actively with Amos and Stella's school teachers and with the kids' friends and their parents and practice your Swedish with them :) You can also attend to Swedish course during the weekends
We are looking for an energetic, active, 100 % reliable, well organized, hard-working and happy & well-balanced au-pair for our family, and hopefully staying with us at least until summer 2020, if not longer. Kids are already quite easy as they can do things themselves - you would need to be the responsible 'big sister' to them making sure they do things at right time and remind and also be able to help with homework etc.

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