1st Parent: Kirsi (female)

Location: Kaarina, Finland
Membership No: 361168

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Kirsi, from Finland. Looking for help from 1 Feb, 2019

Au pair as a family member wanted - a single mother and 2 children + a cat.
Help us with children and light housework

The au pair will meet children after school, play with them, prepare food during week days, so you should be able to cook. We are open for dishes of your own nationality also :-). Also, there will be need to take the children to their hobbies sometimes (by bus). In the mornings you are free for your own actions and are needed only once the children come from school. Also, weekends are mainly free for the au pair - we can agree some weekend days separately if you are needed for a few hours some evening/daytime. This is not a hard work, but initiativeness and authority is needed. Tidyness is required from au pair and light household work should be done (vacuuming 1-2 times/week - kitchen, living room, vestibule etc. - laundry, cooking). We will find you finnish language courses and give you a card for the bus and phone calls. Also, we have an additional lap top, if you don't have your own.
The au pair should - naturally - love children and keep them occupied (mainly away from staring at their telephones or play station) with different activities (playing board games, cards, drawing etc. For example my daughter loves doing handwork and is artistic). So, it's important that when having time with the children, the au pair shouldn't be occupied with her own things.

We would love to have you as our new family member - please let me know about you more.

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