Alvaro and Alejandra
1st Parent: Alvaro (male)
Parents' main language: Spanish
Location: Zaragoza, Spain
Membership No: 361166

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Alvaro and Alejandra Us with our two little kids
Alvaro and Alejandra

Alvaro and Alejandra, from Spain. Looking for help from 19 Nov, 2018

Thank you for volunteering to babysit and speak in English to our children. We hope that what you read here motivates you further in your application and ideally you would like to stay for a few months, though we would be happy to host you for a shorter period (minimum 4 weeks).
We are a very happy Spanish family. We enjoy our life and helping others enjoy theirs. Our three children (aged 2,4 and 10 years) are very nice, polite and intelligent and are very keen to meet you and learn from you. We are a bilingual family and speak in both Spanish and English. We have already enjoyed the help from quite a few aupairs and all of them have enjoyed the time they've been with us. If there are more than one of you interested, this is not a problem as we have neighbour families interested in hosting you. References can be provided upon request :)

You will be expected to speak only in English or your mother tongue, and if you are interested in learning Spanish we will get help for you (You will be able to join a Teacher Training which includes a TEFL certificate and Spanish Lessons. You do not have to pay for it as we get it sponsored for you). Both of us parents are teachers and thus are experts in helping people learn. As a family we need your help looking after our 2 little children for 22h per week and some easy household duties (most of which you can do while you are looking after our children). We expect you to help us with the deep cleaning of the apartment once a week (can be done in less than 3 hours).

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