Ralf and Agnes
1st Parent: Ralf (male)
2nd Parent: Agnes (female)

Location: Wetzlar, Germany
Membership No: 361111

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Ralf and Agnes, from Germany. Looking for help from 1 Jul, 2019

Friendly family in Germany of four with dog wanting you to be the buddy of 12 year old boy for 2 weeks, speaking just English with him. High energy child, needs lots of action. After your time with us you can travel Europe :)
Happy, loving, friendly, sometimes loud and chaotic :) We speak English and love dogs. We live in a big house in a charming little "old-style German" town with a lot of tourists in it in the summer time. The town is surrounded by hills and forests.
We are looking for a big buddy for our younger son, 12, who would spend 2 weeks in our family, speaking just English with him, to improve his language skills. Go for a swim with him, go for a walk in the park, let him show you around, basically just hanging out together, chatting English all the time. No household chores. We would pay up to 500 Euros for your travel costs to Germany and an additional sum of 500 Euros, board and lodging for free.
We would like to welcome an easy-going, friendly, responsible sort of young man, an active, high-energy person, talkative, funny, with good education.
Please contact us if you think your plans for the summer would fit in with ours :)

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