Steph and Ralph
1st Parent: Steph (female)
2nd Parent: Ralph (male)

Location: Regensburg, Germany
Membership No: 361086

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Steph and Ralph

Steph and Ralph, from Germany. Looking for help from 5 Oct, 2018

au pair needed by a young family with 2 children to help us with childcare so we can all enjoy life!
We are Steph (Mom, 38), Ralph (Dad, 39), Leni (5) and Lina (1).
We live in a suburb of Regensburg (145.000 persons who live there) which is an university town with lot of students and young people. We live a 15-minutes drive away from the center of the city and about 1h hour drive to Munich.
Steph eats vegan, Leni vegetarian and the rest of the family everything but meat is not on the menu everyday :-)
Ralph works as a software-developer (he studied maths and physics) and as a DJ nearly every saturday night in spring and summertime.
Steph works at the office of a healthy café and also as a make-up artist.
Leni and Lina go to the kindergarden every day from Mo-Fr.

We would like to have an aupair as a support with the children, mostly in the morning to make them ready for kindergarden and picking them up in the afternoon. Sometimes we would need you as a babysitter at evenings. (Mom and Daddy want to go to the cinema or to a dinner sometimes) and little housethings like laundry and dishes. We will give you a warm and familiar place in our family. Be part of it :-)

WE LOVE: Music, running (Ralph marathon, Steph only little runs), cooking together, spending time together with games and handicrafts, going out to concerts, into restaurants, etc. with our kids too...

Über uns
We live in our house with garden. The Kindergarden is only 5 minutes-walk away, there are supermarkets and everything around. Additionally we are close to the wonderful river Danube and a wonderful countryside.
We do not have any animals.

While the children are at the kindergarden we are at work. At the moment Steph picks them up in the early afternoon and we do funny things together. Perhaps you could pick them up and sometimes I will do anything with one child (that they do have their own mommytime) or we do anything all together. After daddys return we eat together and the little ones have to go to bed. Here we would like to have a support as well. Every sunday there is our grandmother and grandfather day. At least one child is not with us. So you could have sundays as a day-off. (Not only :-))
You will get a nice big and quiet room with view to the garden.

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