Kristina and Jeremy
1st Parent: Kristina (female)
2nd Parent: Jeremy (male)

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Membership No: 360720

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Kristina and Jeremy Us!
Kristina and Jeremy Our House
Kristina and Jeremy Living Area
Kristina and Jeremy Our House is Surrounded by Bush
Kristina and Jeremy We are 5 minutes walk from this beach!

Kristina and Jeremy, from New Zealand. Looking for help from 10 Aug, 2018

Au Pair needed for a small family living beside the sea to help our child with home-schooling and a little bit of housework so that mum can get a break!
Our 8 yo son is a very bright, funny, fun-loving little boy that you wouldn't expect to have special needs when you first meet him or get to know him as he is socially interactive and communicates in ways that are typical for his age. His needs are more hidden and he requires home-schooling and a fairly strict routine. This is hard on mum and dad who need a break from childcare (to work and rest!) and help around the home.

If you love children our son will love you. You will need to be firm but kind, set boundaries yet have fun, and feel confident with assisting with schoolwork at this level. The ability to cook and drive would also be helpful.

We live by the sea in Murrays Bay, Auckland. We are walking distance from local shops, cafes, restaurants and local shopping centres, malls and the CBD are easily accessed by bus - bustops are close by. We often travel on weekends to other parts of New Zealand. Sometimes we have international students staying with us.

We are very open to an Au Pair who would like to stay short-term rather than long-term.

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