Eva and Mat
1st Parent: Eva (female)
2nd Parent: Mat (male)

Location: Bayreuth, Germany
Membership No: 360716

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Eva and Mat, from Germany. Looking for help from 20 Aug, 2018

Active family in small German city is looking for help with 2 lovely children. We really enjoy sharing our life with an au-pair and are now looking for our second one. We live in a university city in a small house with garden and our kids are really cool! Our weekends are fun but weekdays are busy. We need someone energetic, organized and loving to support us.
During the week we grown-ups work a lot and share the tasks around the family with our au-pair to make it all work out. While we have jobs that offer some flexibility and family is what we regard highest, a standard week will consist of you bringing the kids to kindergarden and we share who picks them up. You will play with them and occasionally baby sit if there are evening events we need to join. Furthermore, you will need to support us to manage the household.
We therefore are looking for someone who is happy to take on responsibility and enjoys organizing while being punctual and reliable with a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the kids. This way we can be a team that works together enabling everyone to progress and enjoy life.
We are uncomplicated and joyful and are happy to answer any questions and explain things. We will show you everything and will make sure that you feel comfortable, but we also expect that you will take highest responsibility in looking carefully after our dearest kids. To which extent you participate at our family events is fully up to you, and you can pick and choose your weekend occupations.

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