1st Parent: Urszula (female)

Location: Canberra, Australia
Membership No: 360608

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Urszula, from Australia. Looking for help from 14 Jul, 2018

The Au Pair will be responsible for looking after Sofia and Alexia for approximately 35-40 hours per week while I work Monday to Thursday. (Sometimes some weekend work will be required but you will have prior notice.)

Responsibilities will include caring for the girls from morning (wake-up) to dinner time including all meal preparation, getting them dressed, toilet training, baths etc. taking them to the park and outdoor activities.

Organising and following a routine which includes educational activities, developing their imagination through role play and games, creativity through arts and crafts, sports and dancing.

The Au Pair will need to be fully domesticated in that they need to know how to cook and clean. Cooking dinner 3 times a week will be required.

You will need to have an Australian Working Holiday Visa and be available to arrive on - Friday 13th July 2018 - for a 1 week hand over with the current Au Pair.

Preferences will be given to 6-12 months stay commitments.

We expect our Au Pair to focus on the children and make sure they are looked after well. This obviously includes feeding and organising some activities with the children. Our eldest Sofia is very clever and smart and can speak 3 languages.

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