Gillian and Matt
1st Parent: Gillian (female)
2nd Parent: Matt (male)

Location: Paris, France
Membership No: 360607

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Gillian and Matt At a rugby match - Matthias, Archie, Teddy, Gillia
Gillian and Matt BOYS doing silly faces
Gillian and Matt Archibald with one of his creation
Gillian and Matt Theodore after-class activity
Gillian and Matt Our family in Paris

Gillian and Matt, from France. Looking for help from 1 Sep, 2018

Bi-national family (French and British) seeking a genuine au-pair who is ready to look after young children in the center of Paris and have fun with two boisterous boys. Duties include helping with homework; pick up from school and bring to sport activity, cooking, bathing, playing with the boys.
Will live in a studio right in the center of Paris, a few hundred meters from the French President Palace!!!!

Hi to potential au pairs! We have two energetic but delightful boys aged 4 and 6, their names are Archibald and Theodore. We have had nannies from Europe ( Netherlands) - CentralAmerica (Mexico and El Salvador and Africa (Ivory coast) for our children before when we lived in both Europe and America So we know what to expect but also That we no longer need full-time help.
Archibald and Theodore are both at school;but they are in different schools which requires a bit of logistics for pick up and bringing to different activities during the week. We require 4 days from 4Pm to 8pm for pick up plus one weekly babysitting in the evening and some hours on Wednesday as one child has no school. Week-ends will be free which means that you are free to enjoy these as you wish except if you wish to come to country house. On your days off you can enjoy the Parisian lifestyle as we are minutes away from some of the top Attractions . We also have a country house Near Paris which we would like you to spend some time with us if that is of interest. My husband works in a bank and works pretty hard - I am between jobs but will be working in September. We would like an au- pair who will fit in with our lifestyle (energetic,likes city life, culture) and enjoy their time with us. Gillian

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