Kimbilee and Glenn
1st Parent: Kimbilee (female)
2nd Parent: Glenn (male)

Location: Sydney, Australia
Membership No: 360271

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Kimbilee and Glenn All ready to go to school
Kimbilee and Glenn Tree climbing adventure
Kimbilee and Glenn Elliot defeating his fear of heights!
Kimbilee and Glenn At a friends party
Kimbilee and Glenn Row row row your boat

Kimbilee and Glenn, from Australia. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2018


We are a fit and healthy family with 4 little men. Yes there are 4 of them but they are wonderous and full of energy and love. We are very hands on parents but both work full time.

We have had angels in our family for 6 years now and can provide references from our old angels (aupairs) as to what sort of family we are and the boys.

We are after a set of hands, helping and guiding the kids as to how they should do their chores, having fun with them and helping them with homework.

We tend to work on a fortnight cycle, with between 15-25 hours a week. 2 of the boys are away 2 nights a week at their dads house. A few of our aupairs have found local work at cafe's to further engrain themselves in the community

Would love to hear from someone that wants to be part of a family and gain a solid cultural exchange. We adore having someone in our lives and family that can show the kids about their culture and expand their little worlds beyond the life they lead.


Yes, you read it correctly. We have 4 little boys, but they are wonderous and full of energy. We are looking for help to help them do their chores, not for our angel to do them for them.
We want to raise, independent, helpful and well mannered mini people so when they grow up they can cook, clean and look after themselves.

We are after someone who wants to be part of a family, who won't hide in their room when they aren't on duty, who wants the cultural exchange as we see it as a two way street. We want our boys to understand the world they live in isn't just the home that they reside in, it is big and wonderous and having an international angel for 6+ months at a time expands their horizons about what other cultures do.

We are in contact with all our old angels and can provide references from them if you'd like to get a better understanding of what we are like as a family.

We only need help 15-25 hours a week, and tend to work on a 2 week rotation - we have help from a 'nana' every second week, so there is plenty of time for our angels to get out and explore the city etc.

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