Sai and Francesco
1st Parent: Sai (female)
2nd Parent: Francesco (male)

Location: London, United Kingdom
Membership No: 360263

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Sai and Francesco, from United Kingdom. Looking for help from 19 Mar, 2018

We are a small family living in a lovely part of Central London. We are from the UK and Italy. Our little boy is a lovely 1.5 year old toddler, Luca, who is adorable! We are looking for an energetic, responsible and kind au pair to join us!
We are a small, loving family looking for a friendly, responsible, energetic, experienced au pair to be part of our home. We live in a big house in a beautiful part of Central London. We have an adorable toddler who is 1 year and 4 months. We have a great au pair who has been with us for almost a year and has to head back home for her final university exams. We are looking for someone equally amazing to take over!

Our start date is April 2018. We would like our au pair to develop a great relationship with Luca, and for there to be continuity, so we ask for a commitment of a minimum of one year, but longer than that would be great. We need someone who is comfortable looking after a toddler during the day and who has some prior experience of childcare. I will work from home once a week.

Three days per week, Luca will be in nursery for half the day (either during the morning or the afternoon). We would need our au pair to look after him during the week when we are at work Monday to Friday. It is approximately 30-35 hours. Duties will include playing with him; reading to him, going for walks, taking him to nursery, picking him up, feeding him, changing his nappy -- the usual toddler things! We will always do his bedtime routine and we always look after him on the weekends and on public holidays.

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