Kun and Yukming
1st Parent: Kun (female)
2nd Parent: Yukming (male)

Location: Beijing, China
Membership No: 360224

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Kun and Yukming, from China. Looking for help from 1 Apr, 2018

Experience Chinese culture in our lovely family. We have one child called Tiger (7 years) and two cats.
Warmly welcome to Beijing China. My name is Kerry Yang. My husband's name is Yuk. He is a businessman, so he's very busy, always on business. But if he's free, he likes taking care of the vegetable garden in our backyard. He like playing Weiqi, a Chinese game. He can teach you when you come if you like.
I'm a housewife, but recently, I'm considering going back to work. After I work, I will be a little busy, too. But, there's nothing you need to worried about, tell me if you have any problem. I will do my best to help. Yang Ruihu is our son. His nick name is Tiger (because the last word of his Chinese name is Tiger). He is seven years old now. He's in grade three. He is very energetic, as you can tell from his nick name. He is curious about all the new things. He likes sports: football, basketball, swimming…He's learning drum kit and chess. You guys can play all the game together, or you can also teach him the sports you like. That will be much better. His another hobby is listening to stories. We hope he can read more, coz reading is very important.
We have a housekeeper in the family. She helps us cook and do other housework.
And we have two cute cats. I hope you will like them.
What's more, my parents visit us from time to time. Sometimes they live with us. In Chinese culture, it's normal that the elder live with us. Hope you can understand.
We already had four au pairs. Two of them are from Germany. We celebrated Christmas together last year in Germany.
We want you to be a member of our family, bring us a brand new experience, and we will make your aupair experience unforgettable.
Thank you so much for choosing us as your host family. It's our pleasure to be your host family.

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