Joe and Isabelle
1st Parent: Joe (male)
2nd Parent: Isabelle (female)

Location: Versailles, France, France
Membership No: 360149

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Joe and Isabelle
Joe and Isabelle

Joe and Isabelle, from France. Looking for help from 17 Apr, 2018

We are a french/american family that has relocated to Versailles, France from California. We live in a lovely neighborhood, 3 blocks from Versailles Castle near the center of town. 25 mins by nearby train to Paris. We have 2 girls (8,13). Driver's permit would be very helpful. We are easy going and fun looking for someone who is the same. Biking/Swimming/Activities, etc. Normal nanny stuff, not looking for Cinderella, we have a maid once a week, but a little help is always nice. We have a 1st floor 6 bedroom flat with a private studio apartment on the 4th floor, we have room in either. We are flexible as to how long a stay you are looking for, we've had help before but never an Au Pair, and it feels strange to make such a commitment before meeting someone, to be honest, I'm sure you feel the same.
Let me know if you'd like to skype with us to discuss more details.
We are willing to pay an above average rate for an above average candidate.

We're looking for someone that feels like a natural fit with our family.
We don't worry about small stuff, and are basically 0 drama.
Our kids are very loving/sweet, but can also be quite a handful on occasion. They're very playful, if you are too, you'll get along fine.
My wife is native french, I am american, the kids and I are re-learning french.
We live in a lovely neighborhood, and Paris is 25 minutes away by train.

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