Laura and Matthijs
1st Parent: Laura (female)
2nd Parent: Matthijs (male)

Location: London, United Kingdom
Membership No: 360108

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Laura and Matthijs, from United Kingdom. Looking for help from 1 May, 2018

Au pair needed to look after a quiet and creative 7 year old girl and a fun and energetic 2 year old boy!
Hi prospective au pair!

We both work full time in busy jobs so love our quality free time with the children. I am a lawyer and work one day from home, and my husband has a senior role at an Embassy.

Amelie is at school (in year three) and Alastair is currently at nursery 3 days a week and with our current au pair two days a week, doing fun activities like football and music classes. He loves scooting and wandering and playing with his toy trains and being read to. Amelie loves reading and baking and playing with her Lego. You would also be responsible for getting the children ready in the morning and taking Amelie to school and picking her up and for preparing their dinner in the afternoons when they are at home. My husband and I come home each day around 6 though I work from home on a Friday so that would be a free day for you.

We live in a wonderful development just 25 minutes from Waterloo, with a private gym and tennis courts and lots of beautiful walks in the area. It is very family orientated. We are looking for someone who will fit into our relaxed home life, who is independent and good at taking initiative. It's important to us that we find someone who is a good fit and who likes to build a relationship with the children.

We have had an au pair now for 2 years so are used to the structure of life.

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