1st Parent: Aroha (female)

Location: Opotiki, New Zealand
Membership No: 360099

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Aroha, from New Zealand. Looking for help from 1 Mar, 2018

Au Pair needed to help with a 6 year old boy. He is autistic but very clever so need someone who is quick witted and has lots of energy to play while teaching him. We live rural next to the beach, river and bush surrounded by lots of horses, dogs and goats. I run a horse trekking business amongst others from home and homeschool my son so it's a very busy home with lots of adventures. Even though we live a busy life, we are very laid back and have an alternative view on life and education. There are learning moments in every thing we do just living life - life is meant to be lived and with as much passion and happiness as possible.
I am looking for someone who is creative and has lots of energy to join our family. My son has a few challenges including severe short sightedness, mild autism and sensory disorder. He loves animals, acting, art and being a goofball. I am an entrepreneur with several businesses, as well as an athlete. I believe learning should he fun and life offers that in every breath, so I am looking for someone who can create a learning opportunity out of every moment. My son takes part in the business and so often will require support from the au pair whether it's accompanying him on horseback or joining in on training camps alongside him. You can not be lazy, as daily life here comes with chores for everyone.

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