Verena and Sebastian
1st Parent: Verena (female)
2nd Parent: Sebastian (male)

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Membership No: 360051

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Verena and Sebastian
Verena and Sebastian
Verena and Sebastian

Verena and Sebastian, from Germany. Looking for help from 14 Apr, 2018

We are a family of four with two boys Leander and Valentin aged 6 and 3. We live in Hamburg, Germany (2nd largest city in the country). Both kids are in kindergarten. Have a look at our profile for more stuff about us and some pictures.

We are looking for an aupair starting April 2018. We are a family of four and are looking for someone to help us look after our kids and help around the house. We live in Hamburg, which is a big city in northern Germany. We have had aupairs living with us before which has mostly been a very positive experience (our aupairs were from Australia, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Algeria and Brazil).

We have two boys aged 4 and 6 who both go to Kindergarten. Both Mom (Verena, doctor) and Dad (Sebastian, manager) are working. Leander is a lively kid who likes to play and does all sorts of crazy things. He will start elementary school in August. Valentin is a little kid with a very fun and positive personality.

We have a house with a little garden. You'll have your own room with internet and TV and own bathroom. There is public transportation (subway and bus) close to us, so you can get downtown easily. We have a piano (and various other instruments) in case you like to play.

As our aupair you bring the kids to kindergarten in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. You play with the kids in the afternoon until one of us comes home, usually between 6-7pm. Sometimes you bring the kids to appontments (like sports training) in the afternoon. While the kids are at daycare you help us with light housework like laundry, vacuuming, tidying up the children's rooms etc. We also have a cleaning lady who comes once a week, so you just do the everyday stuff we also do, when we are home.

You will also have enough time for yourself, e.g. taking a language class or meeting friends etc. Evenings and weekends are usually off. We would just like you to babysit the kids once or twice a month in the evening, so we can go out.

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